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Nov 15, 2007 03:07 AM

The Lobster Trap

Anyone who has been here have any thoughts?

I have been there several times and it is a very strange place in my opinion... one the one hand you are paying for premium food, on the other hand there are paper placemats and the place feels like a family restaurant chain.

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  1. You are correct. Been there once, never again.It truly is a trap.

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    1. re: Scary Bill

      The question then: Why have you been several times? There must be something good about the place.... Or not.

      1. re: antifoodie

        I have been about 3-4 times and I have always enjoyed the food. Actually I think it's fantastic. The atmosphere ruins everything though. And I kind of felt it was maybe a bit expensive.

        I mean seriously, who the !@#! uses paper placemats? Let us say you were going to your favorite high-end TO restaurant, Scaramouche, Sushi Kaji or whatever, and they put down a paper placemat with trivia on it... honestly what would you think?? Paper placemats are for pancakes at Dennys at 4 AM when you are so drunk you can't aim the syrup on your plate.

        1. re: abscissa

          Newsflash! This just in: Lobster is not haute cuisine!

          Paper placemats (with maps of the Maritimes) suit it perfectly. Best lobsters are those eaten by the side of the road in New England, stuffed into a fresh white roll, wrapped in a paper napkin.

          1. re: Fwagra

            **Another Newsflash**

            Places that serve lobster on paper plates and picnic tables shouldn't have $$$$$ pricing.

            1. re: Scary Bill

              Perhaps. But, hey, where can you get a lobster in a restaurant for cheap that's not chopped up into bits and slathered with some gummy, glutenous MSG sauce?

              I love Bergon lobsters. They sell them fresh; you can cook them at home, or they will even cook them for you. Anyone heard of Bergon? Are they still around?

              1. re: Fwagra

                Easy. You can get a steamed boston lobster at $9/lb without any MSG at ElegantView chinese restaurant. Is this cheap enough ? But it has to be at least 4lb. 4 lbs for $36 dollars. And if your other friend in your party like it pan-fried with onion and ginger, you can have another one, probably there is some MSG sauce in it, but it is nicely cooked and delicious in ElegantView. So 8 lbs of lobster for less than $80.

                You just need to know your way around GTA to get this type of deal.

                1. re: skylineR33

                  I'm curious skylineR33, have you tried the lobster at Wah Sing on Baldwin? I've had it there a few times and enjoyed it. Wondering if it is similar to ElegantView.

                  1. re: millygirl

                    No, I have not been to Wah Sing. Maybe some CHer here been to both places can help making a comparison ? All I can say is it is not the best in town but very good IMO (I have only tried Ginger and Onion because it is the most popular there, there are some post in an earlier thread describing it). It is very busy at weekend, so recommend to make a reservation. To be more accurate, it is $8.88/lb in weekday and $10.88/lb in the weekend. Remember to bring cash if going there !

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      I have eaten at Wah Sing on a couple of occasions.
                      There is no comparison.
                      Wah Sing is competent, but not as spot on with cooking time, and method.Last time I was at Wah Sing, about a year ago, our Lobster was tough.
                      Some here prefer the dry method of O Mei, but I prefer Elegantview and Dragon Dynasty.

                  2. re: skylineR33


                    3601 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M1W, CA

              2. re: Fwagra

                Now that sounds like the only kind of lobster I'd go out and pay for rather than cooking it myself.

              3. re: abscissa

                We've been to the Lobster Trap (also WAS) a family favourite at least 2 or 3 times a year..last time was in April '07.....
                I will not go back , I didn't/don't object to the paper placemats et al...I found the place to be so 'bedraggled' and I hesitate to say, but also dirty-feeling (cutlery/dishes) Don't even look down at the floor which has been the same 'carpeting' as far back as I can remember. If I want a Lobster Dinner I'm willing to go to the House of Chan and pay the BIG $$ or simply get some cooked from one of the better places available around town.
                p.s. there were 4 of us for dinner.. two had decent lobster and two had seriously 'over-steamed'.... I will say that the service was good but it was not a 'saving grace' and that's it for our family.

          2. Aw I'm sorry that people didn't enjoy their experiences here.

            Growing up, The Lobster Trap was our family's go-to place for special occasions. They had a creamy and delicious bisque, great fixings, a casual atmosphere and glorious lobster of all sizes. We always left with bursting bellies, and nothing but good things to say. A very family friendly place.

            I think it's relativley unique in that it is very down-home in atmosphere as absicisaa comments, but the prices are not cheap - they're not unreasonable, mind you, just not particularly low - and the food, though rustic, is not unsophisticated.

            Lobster Trap
            1962 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M4A1, CA

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            1. re: Yum2MyTum

              i have to agree with yum2mytum. my husband claims that the lobster trap is the best restaurant in toronto....and not just because of the food. he remembers family events being held there as well when he came from out of town. he says the service is the best in toronto (though i do not think it is the best, i have to admit it is pretty damn good). he says the seafod is the best (he is not much of a seafood eater, but he DOES know fresh from frozen) and it is interesting for visitors. we have had many out of town guest for dinner there as per his request and no one has ever disiked their meal.
    's not the absolute standard for seafood...but it sure as hell beats red lobster. it also is fun for a family get together.

              1. re: jessi20

                Thanks jessi20 - I was feeling quite outnumbered.
                It's not an amazing culinary experience - it doesn't claim to be. It's definitely no Starfish, (a restaurant that I enjoy very much for different reasons) but it's not pretentious, it's family friendly, the seafood is fresh and the atmosphere is homey.

                1. re: Yum2MyTum

                  yum........guess it depends on your expectations. fine, some here love starfish. great for them. i cannot comment as all negative comments regarding starfish seem to mysteriously dissapear. lobster trap has always worked for us though. so enjoy your next outing there. for those that are planning on not let the food snobs steer you away. food is decent, service is awesome and location is ideal.

              2. re: Yum2MyTum

                the "bisque" was the worst part of the lobster trap for me.
                it was all cream

                1. re: monkeyinthemiddle

                  What??? I LOVE the bisque!!! it's one of my favorites!!!!

              3. GAHK! I hated that place. Lobster should be an event. Better to buy one and cook it or if you can't handle that, buy one pre-cooked.

                We actually got really decadent 2 weeks ago and ordered 1 live and 1 cooked from Clearwater - it arrived the next day ... sweetest lobster meat I've had in a while!

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                1. re: kawarthagirl

                  how much does shipping cost? is it by weight?

                  1. re: auberginegal

                    Good question - I can't remember - if you go on their website, you can get the full price for your order without placing an order... We bought 2 x 1.5 pounders + a bag of cracked crab claws and our shipping was somewhere in the area of $20. It'd Fedex...

                    1. re: kawarthagirl

                      Went once to the Lobster Trap and like kawartha girl, hated it!!!! If I want a lobster I either go chinese or Starfish. Nothing will do once you've had Starfish lobster!

                2. For cheap and good lobster, why not go to ElegantView chinese restaurant on Victoria Park and Finch for fresh lobster ? It is $9 per pound and they showed you the lobster before they cooked it. I saw one there that is 23 pounds one night.

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                  1. re: skylineR33

                    Has anyone ever bought some at T&T Supermarket (the new one on Cherry st)? What's the quality like? They're $8.99 / lb

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      Usually people who frequent the lobster Trap want their Lobster steamed or broiled.
                      Dragon Dynasty offers this option.
                      I am not sure that Elegantview will (although we were back there this week for a 6 pounder between four of us,as they cook it perfectly).
                      We stopped going to Lobster Trap a couple of years ago, after many many years of being regulars, as we were having one overcooked Lobster after another, so we just gave up.
                      I do however agree with the rustic atmosphere of Lobster Trap, as that is in my perception of a Lobster restaurant.

                      1. re: erly

                        yes, they can also broiled/steamed the lobster. However, it can only be cooked in one way(any way you want as long as they know how to do it), for more than one way, they will charge additional "production cost". One constraint is the lobster size has to be from 4 to 12 lbs. But Scallion and Ginger is the most popular way there.

                        1. re: skylineR33

                          Thanks Skyline.
                          I didn't know that they would steam it.
                          I love their Ginger- Onion, and we have them add garlic, but we have friends who prefer steamed.
                          Will take them to Elegantview to try it.
                          Also disappointed with their portion, and preparation of the giant Geoducks they had this week, but must say, this is the first unsatisfactory dish in a long while.

                          1. re: erly

                            I see. I also like their steamed whole shell fresh scallop with black bean sauce, nicely done, $3.95 each, sold out pretty early on a weekend night. Also, the sweet and sour pork, which is also their famous dish, ordinary but perfectly balanced on thin and fat meat used !

                    2. The original comment has been removed