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Nov 14, 2007 10:23 PM

Manly Brunch near downtown

I'm going to have a group of around 9 fellas that are going to need to eat brunch on a Saturday morning. Does anyone have suggestions? We are going to saltlick that evening, so we don't want to be too full. To give you an idea of who you are recommending for, my initial idea was bloodys and wings. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Z Tejas on west 6th street has a southwestern-style brunch that is not froo-froo (does that make it manly?). I know I've enjoyed it in the past and I like the atmosphere, but I don't recall anything specific about the food.

    1. bloodys and wings, I'd suggest alligator grill (heck, throw a few oysters and shrimp in the mix). When the weather's nice, the patio's great.

      "Manly" brunch to me would be Moonshine, with the traditional texas regulars with the few great twists, but it's easy to overeat there, so...

      1. Give Lambert's brunch ($22/person) a go. They have some chi-chi offerings which may be a bit pinky-raising for a group of alpha males, but they also have big slabs of meat that will appeal to the more primal among you. I highly recommend the hanger steak benedict, and they have made to order eggs and sides for those that lean to the breakfast side of brunch. Granted, this may be overkill if you're going to the Salt Lick later in the day.

        1. SoCo Cafe has awesome weekend brunch and bloody marys. The Migas are out of site. It's pretty busy though and you would probably have to wait a bit for a table of nine. Not sure if you will be recovering from the night before but Juan in a Millions always hits the spot for me. They have awesome hot sauce and the Don breakfast taco is huge and a must do! Haven't been there in a I am going to dream about it!

          1. It may not seem like a brunch. But I consider El Meson and Habenero amongst the manliest. Great food, right to the point.