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Nov 14, 2007 09:22 PM
Discussion true star!

Just had an omakase at Asanebo, and understood why they received one star. They not only serve excellent food with awesome presentation, but we felt well taken care of. Stellar service from the chef, server, reception....a total enjoyment! In light of some recent posts on sushi chef attitude, I highly recommend Asanebo for a sublime dining experience.

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    1. re: Alex250

      Omakase starts at $75 to $100, and then 2 more price ranges...something like $100 to $150, and $150 & up. You tell them your range and they'll serve what is fresh. We chose $75 to $100. Our lunch included a salad (baby spinach & marinated shiitake mushroom), sashimi (about 4 courses) , soup (seafood & mushroom in a small tea kettle), cooked items (3 items), then nigiri ( 7-8 pcs). I don't remember the exact charge but I think around $85 pp before tax & tip.

    2. I truly love Asanebo. Thanks to the French and their tire company guide, I will have trouble getting a seat at the bar fro months. Boo on that.

      1. I went there just before news of the Michelin star and had a not so great experience: we paid $100 per person for fish with a very watery texture. Even before the star people have been raving about Asanebo so I went in there with very high expectations. Maybe the sushi chef thought that we were rubes and gave us crappy fish? I normally pay this much at restaurants but in this case it really wasn't worth it.

        The Michelin people need to get their tongues over to Sushi Nishi-ya; but alas, it's probably not trendy enough for them.

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        1. re: Bon Vivant

          I'm not a big sushi fan, but I love cooked Japanese food. Is there much of a selection here?

          1. re: howard81

            The two best dishes were not sushi: a fabulous spinach salad and the deep fried spanish mackerel bones (which we asked for). We requested the omakase but if I remember correctly, there are many cooked items as well.


            1. re: howard81

              A pretty good one, actually. He does some Kaiseki-style things, too!

              Here is a sorta menu from a prior visit of mine. I don't know if it's up to date, but it gives you an idea of Asanebo's bounty of goodness!

              "Shishito" Grilled Japanese Peppers w/ bonito flakes

              Home-made Sesame Tofu

              "Mozuku" Slipperly Seaweed w/ vinegar

              "Oshinko" Assorted Japanese Pickles

              "Renkon" Lotus Root Chips w/ dipping sauce

              Soy Flavored Salmon Eggs

              " Agedashi Tofu" Fried tofu w/ soy flavored dipping sauce

              " Hama" or " Kumamoto" Oyster On The Half Shell

              House Special Baby Spinach & Portabella Mushroom Salad

              Albacore Sashimi Salad With vegetable dressing

              " Sunomono" Cucumber & seaweed salad

              (Cucumber & seaweed salad) with shrimp

              (Cucumber & seaweed salad) with king crab

              Tofu Miso Soup

              "Nameko" Mushroom Miso Soup

              "Asari" (Little Neck) Clam Miso Soup

              Seabass Miso Soup

              Red Snapper Collar Miso Soup

              Cold Seafood Specialties
              Seafood Tuna Sashimi With tosazu sauce & side of fresh garlic

              Halibut Sashimi With citrus pepper 14.00

              Red Snapper Sashimi With sea salt & citrus

              Salmon Sashimi Salad With caviar

              Tender Octopus Sashimi With sea salt

              Spanish Mackerel Sashimi With ponzu sauce

              Fresh Sashimi (Sliced Fish)

              Blue Fin Tuna

              * Toro (Fatty Tuna)

              Albacore Tuna


              Kanpachi (Amaller Size Yellow Tail)

              Sea Urchin Sashimi is available on all fresh fish, also, assorted sashimi platter is availabe upon request.

              Grilled Black Cod Marinated w/ miso

              Grilled Chilean Seabass With creamy pepper sauce

              Grilled Salmon With mashed potatoes & salmon eggs

              Grilled Yellow Tail Collar

              Asanebo's "Natural Beef" Filet Mignon Steak

              Grilled Range-Free Chicken, With sweet soy or salt & lemon

              Deep Fried Dishes
              Shrimp and White Fish Spring Roll With plum sauce

              Fried Calamari Stuffed w/ asparagus

              King Crab Claw Tempura With ponzu (one piece per order)

              Deep Fried Flounder With ponzu or vegetable sauce

              Sea Urchin Tempura Wrapped w/ shiso leaf ((Two Piece Per Order))

              Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab With ponzu

              Japanese Eggplant With ground chicken sauce

              Honey Breaded Deep Fried Oyster With dipping sauce

              Sauteed Dishes
              Sauteed Shitake, Shimeji Mushrooms & Asparagus

              Sauteed Baby Abalone With shitake mushroom

              Sauteed Green Mussels With spicy garlic sauce

              Steamed Dishes
              Steamed Cat Fish With spicy miso sauce & fresh ginger

              Steamed Red Snapper Woth soba noodle

              Steamed Little Neck Clams With enoki mushrooms

              Steamed Pork Wonton With shreded ginger & green onions

              Tuna (blue Fin) Hon-maguro

              Tuna Maguro Regular

              Albacore Tuna Siro maguro

              Fatty Tuna Toro

              Yellowtail Buri


              Hlibut Hirame

              Halibut Fin Engawa

              Red Snapper Ttai

              Salmon Sake

              Shrimp Ebi

              Sweet Shrimp Amaebi (MP)

              Jumbo Clam Mirugai

              Octopus Tako

              Scallops Hotategai

              Squid Ika (MP)

              Spanish Mackerel Aji

              Mackerel Saba (MP)

              Sweet Egg Custard Tamago

              King Crab Kani

              Salmon Egg Ikura

              Fresh Water Eel Unagi

              Sea Eel Anago

              Smelt Egg Masego

              Sea Urchin Uni

              Pickled Eggplant Nasu

              Cucumber Roll Kappa maki

              California Roll (Hand Roll) (Cut Roll)

              Spicy Tuna Roll (Hand Roll) (Cut Roll)

              Yellowtail & Green Onion Roll (Hand Roll)(Cut Roll)

              Fatty Tuna & Green Onion Roll (MP)

              Soft Shell Crab Roll ((Cut Roll))

              Salmon Skin Roll ((Hand Roll))

              Quail Egg with extra

              Recommendable Dishes
              Toro Sashimi

              Toro Tartar With cavlar

              Kanpachi Sashimi With sesame miso & serano pepper

              Japanese Red Snapper Sashimi With sea salt & cltrus

              Halibut Sashimi With fresh truffle

              Spanish Mackerel Sashimi

              Blue Fin Tuna Sashimi

              Asanbo's Seafood Ceviche

              Seared Toro Special With garlic

              Shlltake Mushroom Tempura Stuffed With red snapper 7.00

              Rock Shrimp Tempura 12.00

              Deep Fried Flounder With ponzu or vegetable sauce

                1. re: Diana

                  Thanks for the list. There are so much to go back for..... I'm salivating....