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Nov 14, 2007 08:51 PM

Atkins and the Vegan Diet???

Well the title kinda says it all. I have a friend, my BEST friend coming into town for a week. I used to be vegan, obviously I am not anymore. I actually started the atkins diet 3 days ago and plan to stick to it for a few more weeks. So you see the predicament is my friend is vegan. I retained some parts of my old vegan ways since I dropped them 2 years ago, but don't eat cheese, or dairy intentionally anymore. So that leaves me with meat and light veggies. He won't touch meat, or dairy.

Where do we eat!?!?!?!?!?!!!

If I was going out by myself i'd get sashimi at my fav sushi place or a big juicy steak. I don't want to offend him though by dragging him to steakhouse after steakhouse or sushi place after sushi place unless they have a good number of vegan/veggie things on the menu.

I have a feeling this is gonna be a tough one but you all are up for the challenge.......... right?????


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  1. What about Italian or Indian? I try to limit my carbs and have found that you can actually do OK in both (although I am always tempted...) I'd imagine that a Vegan could as well. But then again, I've never had to cook for a Vegan so I'll be the first to admit that I don't know all the limitations.

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      I'm in the induction phase of atkins, no more then 20 carbs a day. This would be impossible at an indian place. I may be able to pull it off with a steak at an italian place. But veggie's are severely limited in this phase.

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        At an Indian place, you can always stick with tandoori chicken/shrimp or lamb kebabs and be fine. It would be harder for your friend since a lot of Indian food is made with ghee.

    2. How about Korean BBQ?

      Grilled veggies and banchan for your friend and grilled meats for you.

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        I'd never take a vegan to a place that smells of meat and we all know all Korean BBQ places do. It's one thing to have a steak delivered to your table cooked, it's another to present them with raw meat and smoke as you cook it. Not ditching Korean BBQ I LOVE the stuff it's just not right with a vegan.


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          Yeah, you're probably right re: Korean BBQ.

          How about Chichin Itza? I was just there the other day and noticed that they had a good selection of vegetarian specialties as well as selected "vegan" items.

          You can stick with the cochinita pibil and your friend can dine on the vegetarian tamale (which the menu lists as "vegan").


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            We will def hit up Chichin Itza as well.


      2. Try Inaka macrobiotic on La Brea. You can order fish which comes with whatever sides you want. You can chose low carb vegetables like kale. Everything but the fish is vegan, so your friend should be happy.

        1. a few different thoughts...

          mao's chinese kitchen can do vegan and healthy chinese (i.e. steamed, sauces on the side, just veggies, no rice, etc.)

          a votre sante or its sister place sante la brea

          newsroom cafe

          26 beach has salads (and will do tofu on anything), and a great veggie burger, though I don't know if it's vegan

          if you want to do a nice night out, i'd consider calling up grace or la cachette

          hugo's could also be ideal, as they accommodate healthy very well, and certainly have and can modify for vegan

          eat well... just had lunch here the other day... the buddha bowl (personally I subbed egg whites for tofu)... for your atkins, have them leave off the rice, beans and tortillas, double veggies, and it remains vegan for your buddy... it was sooo good, with whatever curry seasoning they added. you might also enjoy the trio salad. there are certainly great accommodations for vegans as well

          hope that helps somewhat!

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            I was thinking that a chinese vegetarian place should work. You can just eat veggies and beans/beancurd, and your friend can have anything on the menu.

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              I like 26 beach but what do they have that's low carb?

              1. re: Ben7643

                for a start you can get one of their burgers that comes with a salad and tell them to omit the bun
                also, almost all of their salads can be ordered low carb, or, alternatively, they can be ordered with grilled tofu as a substitute for the meat.

            2. This is such an LA predicament... I think you're resigned to taking out from separate restaurants and eating at home together. Though, I suppose you could go to a deli with a huge menu or to a place like Joan's on Third, where there are a million salads and you can eat plain grilled chicken breasts until the sun comes up.