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Nov 14, 2007 08:50 PM

MSP - La Chaya

Does anyone know anything about this place going in at 46th and Nicollet? The site is a former KFC (although that is many years ago). The sign on the constuction site says which brings up a site for a catering business with the same name and a simple pop-up window that says "La Chaya Bistro coming soon to South Minneapolis at 46th and Nicollet!" The catering business seems to do rather good-looking renditions of continental cusine and with a little Latin/Mexican thrown in. Does anyone know what kind of menu they plan on serving? This neighborhood can support a lot of neighborhood bistro type places but if they plan on doing anything latin-based they would run into competition with Cafe Ena (which I enjoyed dispite Dara's poor review).

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  1. Last night (opening) I had the oh so simple citrus dressed salad which was so fresh it tasted like spring had sprung! And if only I could get my hands on the recipe for that pizza dough...absolutely delicious.

    1. Glad to hear good news about it. I'm a regular at that Brugger's (major cravings for their herb garlic cream cheese recently), so I've been wondering what's going on over there.