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Nov 14, 2007 08:05 PM

Miriam's for brunch?

Hey 'hounders!

I would like to know if Miriam (on 5th Ave in Park Slope) is good for non-brunch?

Probably I should explain what I'm talking about. My friend wants to eat authentic Israeli cuisine since he's an expat for a couple of years and is dying to have some good food from his homeland (and not the typical falafel joint either). If not, where to get some good Israeli food and not the American brunch on a Saturday?

Many thanks!


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  1. its probably one of yr best bets for that stuff but id hate to call it authentic...or amazing. my ex girlfriend liked going here a lot for brunch...i cant understand the wait for the place and the service is a bit terrible at times but overall, its passable.

    they have the usual brunch offerings and a few israeli-inspired dishes...i cant rely describe them too much though...i stick with eggs.

    1. i don't think it's really going for authenticity... i've had 3 or 4 dinners there and have been extremely happy with everything i've had. also, they serve half-price bottles of wine on mondays and tuesdays, which is a sensational deal - especially since their wine list is quite reasonable to begin with! and i've never had any problems with the service.

      1. Thanks for the advice!

        But where to go on a Saturday afternoon for a good Israeli meal?

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          What exactly do you mean by authentic Israeli cuisine? Israel is very young -less than 60 years old? Do you Middle Eastern or Arab cuisine? If you are interested in this type of cuisine, you can go to El- Saj in brooklyn-very fun in evening at night, you can go to Tanoreen in Bay ridge for authentic Palestinian cuisine-a cuisine that has existed way longer than Israeli or you can go to Sally and george for solid lebanese.

          1. re: bebe

            Apologies for mis-wording. Basically, I'm going for good Middle Eastern but srves non-brunch food on a Saturday afternoon.