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Nov 14, 2007 07:43 PM

Something good for a group of 15 near South El Monte thats not Chinese

My softball team is celebrating the end of the season with a lunch near Whittier Narrows Recreation Center. Most unforutunatly wont touch dim sum Any recomendatiopn for a decent casual place. Maybe a large Mexican place rather than a taco stand or something along those lines. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not sure if its still around, but for such events I like ajos y cebellos (1648 Tyler Ave Ste D, El Monte). It's a family run mexican place that is on Santa Anita and Tyler. It's got a nice vibe and pretty good food. Lots of cheese!

    1. El Tepayac on Rush is not bad but not superb and would fit your group.

      The place off of the 60 FWY across from Fry's would be another option. It's a Mexican place that is also okay, but it's a nice restaurant.

      There's really not much to eat in the immediate vicinity.
      There is a Marie Callendar's at the Montebello mall with a decent Sunday brunch.
      There's an Applebee by the Costco.

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        Thanks, I hadnt realized how sparse the choices were until I started looking. Is anyone familair with Ajos y Cebollas? its pretty close to the fields where we play which is improtant when trying to herd a bunch of ballplayers lusting for beer

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          I found the phone number to Ajos y Cebollas (626) 279-6511. Good luck.

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          Not Applebees! Service is S L O W....and Bar service is even worst!!!! Don't screw your team mates! If you got to go to the Mall...go to BJ's instead...much better Food and Drink by far!

          1. re: jungle_gym

            Did they open a BJ's at the Montebello mall? I didn't know that!

        3. shakas on garfield, off the 60 freeway in monterey park.

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            Can you elaborate a little more about what Shakas is?

            1. re: HBfoodie

              shakas is an hawaiian joint. not 100% authentic but the food is pretty good, portions are hearty and it's fairly inexpensive.

              here's a link to their website:


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                Location in Alhambra can accomendate your group and they do serve up the "BREWS", Monterey Park would be too small.

                1. re: jungle_gym

                  the mp location can definitely accomodate 15 people. however, i dunno if the mp location has booze though.

          2. How about BJ's Pizza and Brewhouse @ Montebello Town center, Petrillo's 833 E. Valley Blvd. San Garbiel (Valley Blvd.and Del Mar), The Pizza Company across from the San Garbiel Mission, Marquez on Potreo Grande in Monterey Park across from the Cementary, Steve's Steakhouse 5 freeway @ Eastern Avenue. Too bad no Chinese resturant...very good and inexpense lunch specials...for real Chinese, A1 resturant (was a "Sam Woo") next to The Montebello Ford. No fuss, no muss...Hometown buffet in Montebello!

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              thanks all,
              we ended up at a place called Wild Coyote Steak house. Its not a steak house but a Mexican restaurant with a Chevy's look. They have a banquet room which worked perfectly. The sevice was nice, the food was so-so but it filled the bill