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Nov 14, 2007 06:46 PM

Finally found my way out of pizza-delivery hell - I'm BONA-fied!

For anyone who recalls my post of a year ago ( - almost to the day - I must have finally done something to repair my pizza karma.

Tonight, I came home hungry and feeling like a quick pizza fix. But, with my horrific track record, I was skeptical that I could find what I needed without another trip into delivery hell. I leaned towards the "orange box" option because at least it is fast and reliable, even if unmemorable. Then I remembered all those CH raves about Bona. I hesitated. Was I in the delivery zone? Would it live up to the reviews? Would they get lost on route, show up after a couple of hours, or worse, lose my order altogether? Would it show up cold, flattened, stuck to the roof of the box, or missing a major ingredient? Would the call centre treat me like crap and keep my money? What pizza delivery evil would visit my life this time?

The visions were horrifying...but so were the growls from my stomach. Was I ready for another ravenous disappointment? Could I handle it? Could I afford the therapy if it failed?

First, I checked the web site . It wasn't flashy, but it was functional. I perused the menu. I went back to Chowhound and reread the reviews. I looked at the map and tried to estimate the distance between Bona and me- the traffic - all the things that could go wrong. I started to feel like just maybe I could do this.

I inventoried my woefully empty fridge one more time. Finally, I gathered my strength and dialled Bona.

The man answered. The man spoke perfect English. The man recognized my address. The man had delivered to this building before. Things are looking up. I ordered the bruschetta pizza. I hesitated over the thin crust, but thinking it wouldn't do as well on the bottom of a trunk for 2 or more hours, I went with the medium. The man promised me 45 minutes "or less." I politely thanked the man and hung up--doubtful but somewhat buoyed. Assuming the worse, I grabbed a piece of cheese, poured a glass of wine, and and prepared myself for another long nightmare.

Less than 30 minutes later, my phone rang. NO-it couldn't be! I stared at it in disbelief before answering. OMG! It was my pizza. It was in my elevator. I stuck my head out the door. It was heading down my hall. I thought maybe it was an apparition. He waved. My delivery man, MY PIZZA, at my home in under 2 hours - no strike that - in under 30 minutes!

The exchange of money was a blur. Soon I was at my table, with my warm pizza. I slowly lifted the lid. It was exactly what I ordered. It wasn't mangled. It smelled good. It was hot. At this point, I could have died happy. But I carried on. I released a piece from its cheesy, warm bed and carried it gently to the couch. The first bite was more than promising. The crust, even medium, was delicate -- crispy and light....the toppings were fresh, lovely, and perfectly distributed.

I And then I inhaled another. I was satiated at last. I lingered over a third piece and took time to reflect on the warm beauty in my hands--which I would have clasped towards the heavens if not know... for the pizza.

Finally, after so long, I was in pizza-delivery heaven. I've earned my wings thanks to Bona.

Next on my list - Chinese.

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  1. Yes, I had the same experience last night from Pizza Pizza. It was promised in 40 minutes, but came in just under 25, just the toppings we had ordered, crust neither raw nor burnt, and, for a change in delivery pizza, which I think is too often left to cool in parked delivery cars, it was actually too hot at first to bite into.

    With a half bottle of red wine and a TV film, it made for a good, relaxing evening.

    1. Depending on what you like, you should also consider Pizzaiolo. Their chicken, pesto pizza (Capone) is much better than Bona's version, for example, though I am willing to consider that Bona beats Pizzaiolo in other things.

      1. Thanks for the testimonial. I am very keen to try Bona as I've heard many good things. It's next on my list as a newly minted Eastender.

        1. Any recent experiences with Bona in the Leslieville area?

          We were regulars when they were on Danforth, then stopped ordering when we noticed a distinct drop in the quality of some expensive toppings. Between that and the fact that they bake on a screen, rather than on stone, it got too expensive.

          We tried again after they moved, but delivery was late and cold. Our assumption was that Pape/O'Connor to Queen/Logan is just too far, however willing they were to do the trip. But we don't have many good options around here and I am not going to be ordering from L'il Baci.

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          1. re: embee

            This was a recent experience with that location - I think they just have one. They have a map of their delivery area. I was close to the edge, but they found me in record time.

            1. re: embee

              This Bona sounds good. Have to look it up. Great post, dinin and dishin - don't read too many like those.

              As a small aside I must say, I like Pizza Pizza. I think as long as you know what you are getting and ask for extra sauce and pick up you're gonna have some tasty eatin. Is it authentic or special in any real way? Not really. But I like it.

            2. Bona is my current go to place for delivery in the East End. Great crusts, flavorful sauce and toppings, good portions of toppings on the pizza. And delivery is speedy enough, certainly under the 45-60 minute mark I got from other "high end" pizza franchises in the area.