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Nov 14, 2007 06:09 PM

Koreatown - Eun Daegu Jorim recs?

I'm looking for a place in koreatown that serves a good eun daegu jorim, preferably somewhere that specializes, but just looking for the best. Thanks.

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  1. Dae Bok serves this dish well and I believe is their specialty. This is one of those OG K-town places. Pretty pricey tho.

    2010 James M. Wood St, near Alvarado

    1. Sa Rit Gol, on Olympic, just east of Western

      1. thanks for the recs, so im coming back to LA in a week or so and ill get to try these places now, any idea which is best? (for eun daegu jorim)
        - dae bok
        - sa rit gol
        - kobawoo house (another friend recommended it)

        my gf's sister really wants im trying to find them the best

        1. does it have to be in k-town? eun dae go jorim is one of my favorite dishes and this place has the best i've tasted:

          18891 COLIMA RD
          ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA 91748
          (626) 913-7764

          i've had it at both sa rit gol and kobawoo, and they weren't too memorable. good, but not fantastic.

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          1. re: fatnoodles

            doesnt have to be in ktown, but its probably easier since we'll be in west LA...although i could make it to rowland heights on my way from OC

            1. re: Lau

              You know, if you're in OC, Seoul Oak does a good eundaegu jjorim. Garden Grove Blvd, I think a block or two away from Magnolia.

              1. re: choctastic

                thanks for the rec...will def try sometime

                ill actually be back and forth between OC and LA although my gf's sister will be in LA thats why i said ktown

            2. Hodori on Vermont & Olympic. It's probably their best dish. I always order it from here.

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              1. re: search_for_the_holy_gruel

                really? i dont think ive ever been to hodori earlier than 2am