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Nov 14, 2007 06:07 PM

Laguna Beach

I need a good place for dinner in Laguna...looking for a date type place with good food. I want really good food, but definately looking for a good atmosphere and hopefully a good wine list...price doesn't matter, thanks.

how's the restaurant at the montage btw?

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  1. If price doesn't matter, I was about to recommend Studio at Montage resort. Then I saw you ask about it! This was probably one of the best meals I have ever had. In fact, my husband proposed to me right outside this restaurant on the cliff overlooking the beach at sunset! Could not have made the more perfect proposal. He proposed, I said "YES!" and then we enjoyed an amazing meal at a window table at Studio.

    I think the menu changes there often and honestly, I don't remember exactly what I ate because I was staring at my new ring, the view, and my husband all night. I do remember the foie gras, which was outstanding. I ate a beef dish and my husband had fish. Both were amazing. The sommelier helped us pick our wine. He was very helpful and friendly. The wine list is EXTENSIVE - perhaps the largest I have ever seen.

    Overall - fabulous dinner, unbelievable views, romantic atmosphere, friendly staff, and extensive wine list. It is at a cost - our dinner was WELL over $500 total. But, well worth it. Be sure to check out the sunset right outside the restaurant before you eat!

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      wow, he must have been pretty confident you'd say yes, or else that meal would have been lousy no matter what the food tasted like !

      1. re: mikester

        haha! yeah, he was pretty confident! would have made for a bad meal for sure!

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        Like others have mentioned, Studio would be the place; I think Gayot rated as one of the best restaurants in the country.

        If you want a restaurant that's not as shi shi, but has great food and is a lot of fun, try the Aegean. For sushi, Hapi sushi is pretty solid.

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          I ate at Studio 2 years ago and thought it was mighty pretentious and wasn't overly impressed with the food. For $700 for 4 people I would rather got to Maestros Ocean Club in Newport Coast. We had the Fois as an appetizer, and I had the Lamb which was from Colorado (about half as good as New Zealand Lamb) and for $52 was not impressed. As a matter of fact, the only thing I remember from the meal was the dinner rolls that had curry powder in them.

        2. Studio is awesome, assuming you want a splurge. Stonhill Tavern is also supposedly very very good (haven't been there myself, yet). BTW, neither of these places is really "in" Laguna Beach. Studio is in South Laguna, which is a few miles down the road from the village of Laguna Beach, and Stonehill Tavern is a bit further, near Dana Point.

          For a more down-to-earth place but stil a nice date-type place, I'd recommend Mazambique, or Eva's (Eva's is also in South Laguna, actually). Eva's is small, intimate, and lots of fun ! Caribean-style food.

          1. Studio aside, I would recommend 230 Forest. Frankly wonder why I don't eat there more often as I've always had an excellent meal.


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              I also love 230 Forest, but if they changed their menu more often, my wife and I would go more often. Damn good French Dip though.

            2. If it makes a difference, Studio and Stonehill Tavern are both located inside resorts, Stonehill is inside the St. Regis and Studio is (as mentioned earlier) at Montage with a walking path and a gorgeous view of the ocean from their lobby bar. I do recommend both, as we've frequented each a few times in the past year.

              1. We love Stonehill. Very nice for first or any date!