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Nov 14, 2007 05:37 PM

Theo Chocolate. In bulk! What a steal! (SEA)

So, if you're as much of a chocolate freak as I am (i.e., need to consume it daily), and as foolishly proud as I to have our Very Own Seattle manufacturer and purveyor of single-origin, organic, fairly-traded chocolate, you'll be glad to learn what I discovered this weekend when I brought out-of-town friends on a Theo Chocolate Factory tour: at the factory they sell bulk "seconds" -- i.e., not chocolate that's bloomed, but chocolate that's been poured too thick or too thin for their bar chocolate -- in bulk. Only $15 a pound!

They certainly don't advertise this, though, it's only available at the factory in Fremont, and I'm not sure how long it'll continue. (I learned about it when I spotted neatly-stacked boxes of chocolate in ziplock bags in the wrapping room.) Three pounds of chocolate later and $45 plus tax poorer, I'm now happily munching on single origin Madagascar bars, nib brittle, and the Panama/Ghana/Ecuador blend. What a deal.

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