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Nov 14, 2007 05:36 PM

Jaybee's Bar-B-Q in Gardena

Jaybee's Bar-B-Q in Gardena: This place was just featured on the Food Network (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives).

Anyone been?

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  1. Along with J&J, It is in my top two of BBQ places. Great ribs, and pulled pork. Unfortunately for me it's a long drive.

    1. The neigborhood is very suspect, probably do not want to go alone at night. However it is the best BBQ I've had in the L.A./O.C. area. Their bbq baked beans alone are worth the trip.

      1. Uh, you just missed this topic on the same subject:

        Don't worry about the 'hood. It's not cute like 2nd St. in Belmont Shore, it's an industrial area!

        I don't remember their beans because of the great brisket; see their web site via the place link.

        JayBee's BBQ
        15915 S Avalon Blvd, Gardena, CA 90248

        1. I just tried Jaybee's BBQ (Gardena) because of the Food Network promo (and because so many CH'ers raved about it). We went during Lunch, and there was a line out the door! Unfortunately, we ended with mixed results:

          * Their Pork BBQ Ribs were VERY disappointing! We were so shocked, because that should be their specialty. And, with the insane line out the door, we figured there'd be good turnover and the meat should be fresh.

          The Pork Ribs were extremely smoky (to the point it may have been burnt?); and it had a strange flavor throughout the meat. It was also a bit dry. Very bummed about that.

          * Pork Shoulder (Pulled-Pork) Sandwich: Wow! The Pork Shoulder was SO tender and flavorful, and perfectly combined with their house BBQ sauce. I was very impressed, and would come back just for that.

          * Mac-and-Cheese (side): It was pretty decent. Definitely had the "home-made" taste and texture, and was nice.

          Given the failed Ribs and great Shoulder, I'm hesitant about making the long drive just to get the Shoulder. I'm going to try Baby Blues next, since that one is also much talked about here.

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            You should go to the Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks as they just got a new meat supplier, and the St.Louis and babybacks are truly moist and very nicely smoked. And the beans, which I typically do not eat as I am not a beans lover, were sensational. The pulled pork has always been good, with the pulled pork ravioli appetizer one of my favorite regardless of which restaurant I am in. Companion really enjoyed his fried mac n cheese, which while not my thing, is truly a taste you need to try to see if you might like. The collards are very tasty as is the cole slaw, btw!

            1. re: carter

              Thanks Carter!

              You'd recommend going to Boneyard Bistro over Baby Blues?

          2. For suggestions, don't forget the omnipresent CH LA BBQ board:

            If you are driving the I-405 and want an alternative, I also recommend Bodacious Q in Carson near CSUDH: Disclaimer, I'm a brisket kind of guy so I still haven't tried their pulled pork or St. Louis ribs.

            Sorry to hear about your bad ribs experience, exilekiss. I wouldn't write them off, IMO ribs are harder for a BBQ restaurant to be consistent with.

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            1. re: DiveFan

              Thanks for the tip DiveFan! :)

              I just tried Baby Blues yesterday and was thoroughly impressed with their Baby Backs, but Jaybee's Pork Shoulder is still the best I've ever had.