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Nov 14, 2007 05:06 PM

Miami Lunch Group Strikes Again

Well, our Miami Lunch Group met again yesterday at Old Lisbon ( and let me tell you, ...You...Shoulda...Been...There!

On the social side, we were four VERY interesting people (I'm the fifth diner but I'll count myself out for reasons of modesty). There were the members of the Miami Dragon Boat Rowing Team who had just returned from a competion (and a lot of great food) in Hong Kong and Thailand, there was the Coconut Grove Creative Director/Consultant who lovingly described each of the six different spoons of ceviche that one can sample at Jaguar (, the husband and wife from Macau and HK that met here in Miami and the witty skinhead/gentleman/rower who got us away from food and in to a lively political conversation

A great time was had by all..

The food was pretty terrific and inexpensive, - Grilled Sardines, Bacalhao (dried salted codfish) many different ways with a beautiful vegetable soup as an appetizer for $10-$13. Can you beat it? They'll even throw in a glass of Vinho Verde, a light slightly effervescent Portuguese wine for another $2.

We had great conversation about local restaurants including Joe Allen's (Steak Tartare), Rosa Mexicana (she's new), Su-Shin, the tapas joint at the Citgo gas station on 16th Ave. and where to go for sushi (our formerly HK couple prefers LA and Canada; I said the Japanese Market on the 79th St. Causeway would work without the airfare).

Anyway, LIKE I KEEP TELLING YOUSE. You should have been there. Please be in touch and join us:

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  1. <i>and where to go for sushi (our formerly HK couple prefers LA and Canada; I said the Japanese Market on the 79th St. Causeway would work without the airfare).</i>

    Is this where you go to buy sushi grade fish to make sushi or is there a sushi joint there?

    Also, was the Coconut Grove Creative Director/Consultant one for Coconut Grove itself, or just an agency located in Coconut Grove? Id like to pick his/her brain about plans to increase awareness for the Grove so these restaurants dont keep coming and going like the wind...

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    1. re: Blind Mind

      The place on 79th Street Causeway is Sushi Deli. It is primarily a Japanese market, which also has a sushi bar (also a small selection of cooked foods too). The market has frozen sushi grade fish (including "super-frozen" tuna, toro, hamachi).

      I pop in for sushi lunch whenever I get a chance. They close early so it's not really a dinner place. I've also used their sushi grade salmon to make a tartare using Thomas Keller's French Laundry recipe and it was great.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        Plus it's one of the only places you can get fresh shiso leaves here. Take a cheap strip steak, slice thin, wrap with shiso leaf, dunk in soy sauce...awesome.

        1. re: lax2mia

          Shiso is like catnip for me - I love the stuff. They always slip some in the Marie Roll, which is like a spicy tuna roll with (I think) a little dash of sesame oil.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Im a HUGE fan of the shiso leaf. I have it with uni sashimi all of the time. Matter of fact, Im headed to Matsuri tonite to have some since rumor has it they finally re-open at 530pm!

            1. re: Frodnesor

              Wow glad to be among a bunch of shiso lovers here!! I used to buy the shiso fm the Japanese Market and took it to my sushi place for them to use in my squid nigiri in place of seaweed.

              One time in a Japan town somewhere I bought a pack of dried shiso - and just want to let you guys know that ti's totally a waste of money.

              1. re: tarepanda

                Yeah, how someone has not invented a shiso flavored drink yet is beyond me... I guess I'll have to head into the laboratory!

                1. re: Blind Mind

                  I believe I've seen shiso mojitos. If not there should be.

        2. re: Blind Mind

          Yes Frodnesor and lax2mia are right on about the Japanese market, - it's quite a fun place and the quality and VARIETY of the fish make it worth visiting.

          As for the "Coconut Grove Creative Director/Consultant," he has his own business in C.G and if you email me at, I'll forward your note to him. Don't know anything about his clientele.

          Hope you join us some time.

          1. re: Lunch Hound

            I'll have to check out that market sometime, thanks for the info!

            I dont think I'll ever make a lunch group. I eat with the owners and my boss and we are out in the middle of nowhere with little options. I dont have too long for lunch either, so its just not do-able. Thanks for the invite though!

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