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Nov 14, 2007 04:49 PM

Chic food in Charleston

Just moved to Charleston, SC and looking for some good food for lunch with the girls. Possibly somewhere downtown that has a good bloody mary. Any suggestions?

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  1. Cru Cafe is the best for lunch in my opinion. :) VERY VERY small restaurant, so expect to wait. Inside an old small house. Food is always excellent. It's just up from the Andrew Pickney Inn...and also the market. Cannot remember the name of the street, but they do have a website.

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      Cru is a great choice. So are SNOBs and the Mills House (an often overlooked quality lunch choice). Palmetto Cafe, in Charleston Place, is consistently topnotch for lunch too.

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        These places sound great, Are they expensive? I forgot to mention most of us are young and though we love good food we are also on a budget. SNOB's lunch menu didn't seem too pricey, maybe I will give that a try. Thanks so much for all of you suggestions!

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          Palmetto Cafe is pricey -- the other three, especially for lunch are reasonable.

    2. Cru is one of my all-time favorites. For the best bloody mary there is only one place; Moe's Crosstown Tavern way up on Ruttledge Ave. I thnk they only serve it on Sundays for brunch. Get there at 10:30 if you want a seat though. A distant second for a bloody is Genes Haufbrau in West Ashley.

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        Cru Cafe was amazing. Wonderful food, ambience, service, the list goes on. It is getting pretty chilly here, but with the sun it was just right for lunch on the patio and a cup of soup to take the chill off. I had the tomato basil and my friends had potato and sausage to start. Soup was served with hearty bread perfect for dipping. For lunch I had a black forest ham, Brie, and arugula sandwich that I would definitely order again. The sweet tea tasted like my moms. Overall the restaurant was a great choice. Great recommendation! Thanks for all your help.

        We met again for dinner and ate at a great pizzeria on King St. called Monza. Very authentic with thin crust pizza and red wine served in a stemless glass. Also has very reasonable prices.