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Nov 14, 2007 04:13 PM

Coming to Boston - Help!

Looking for interesting restaurant choices in Boston for a trip in two weeks...will be in town about 5 days. What are some notable new restaurants? Where do people go to be seen? Looking to see what the city has to offer...and price is not an option.


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  1. You'll need to provide more info to get helped better. Did you try doing a board search? What cuisine do you like? Where are you staying? Have a car or no? Any price range OK?

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    1. re: bachslunch

      I'll be staying by the Commons, have access to a car and any price range is OK.

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        If you're looking for places to "be seen," you'll probably want to consider places like Sonsie on Newbury Street or 28 Degrees in the South End. But I'm not very taken with the food at either place and don't recommend them.

        If you want some very expensive, fancy places to eat where price is no object and the food is worthy, you might consider L'Espalier, Clio, Aujourd'hui, or No. 9 Park. I guess there's a "be seen" aspect to these places, but they're most definitely about good food. You might check out this concurrent thread:

        for a more complete assessment.

        If you're looking for something quintessentially Boston, seafood is a good way to go. The best spot for it in Boston is probably Neptune Oyster in the North End; with a car, you can also head up to first rate clam shack spots like The Clam Box in Ipswich or J.T. Farnham's in Essex, but absolutely call first to make sure they haven't closed down for the season. If you want an upscale and fancy version of old fashioned Yankee cooking and price is no object, Locke-Ober would be the way to go.

        It's a start, anyway. A board search for different cuisines and areas of town is recommended.

    2. Visitors to Boston shouldnt leave without having a lobsta roll. Try B&G, Neptune or Summer Shack. It is a classic thing from this part of the country.

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      1. re: Chicky

        Will certainly second the lobster rolls at Neptune Oyster and B&G Oyster. Am very much not a fan of Summer Shack, but haven't had their lobster roll.

      2. This sort of depends who you want to see you.

        Anyway, some options:

        Lots of places Newbury Street places including Armani Cafe (yuck)
        Lots of places in the South End including Beehive (yay for lines, mediocre food, sparkly tubetops, interesting jazz and increasingly sloppily made drinks), 28 degrees, etc
        Some hotel bars
        Some high end places like Uni, O Ya, Clio, No 9

        I think food first, being seen um, never, so I don't quite know where to steer you.

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            But where will the oil tycoon heirs from BU hang out now?!

            1. re: gini

              lol. must be a devistating loss to them!

        1. Some notable new restaurants- La Voile on Newbury Street-French Bistro- search the board for reviews; not sure how long since you have been here but Sorellina in Copley Square is wonderful; Vlora on Boylston Street is interesting - Mediterranean food; O Ya near South Station for sushi- very expensive; Oiishi in the South End for Sushi also very expensive. You will find reviews of all of these places by searching this board.