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Nov 14, 2007 04:13 PM

Homemade Sauces/Condiments for premade hors d'ouevres

Am hosting a largish cocktail party this weekend. Have got some premade hors d'ouevres from TJ's and want to supplement with well made sauces/condiments. The plan is to put the items down on platters with ramekins of the appropriate sauce/dip on the platter.

Am looking for critique of my pairings and suggestions for recipes for condiments matching for each. What would you serve?

Cocktail franks: spicy brown mustard, curry mustard, plain yellow

Mini Crab Cakes: remoulade; cocktail saucel; perhaps wasabi mayo

Mini chicken taquitos: black bean puree; tomatillo salsa

Spanakopita: lemon sauce

Mini quiche: no sauce

Feta and onion tartletts: no sauce

what do you think?

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  1. I like the idea of buying canapes and just making a sauce for them. I find that TJ's Mini Crab Cakes are in dire need of acid so whatever you make, make sure to augment it with plenty of lemon juice/ Personally, I like plain old guacamole with taquitos: they provide the right amount of creaminess and acid. I know this is going to lose refinement but I like hot sauce with my quiche and tarts: a nice spicy, acidic one to cut through the relative richness of those dishes. For some reason, I also think you should include creme fraiche as a condiment as its creamy tang goes well with any dish. Have fun with your party and good luck.