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Nov 14, 2007 04:08 PM

What restaurants in Brooklyn have working fireplaces?

I'm a summer person who hates winter, but one nice thing about cold weather is fireplaces. So I'd like to make a counterpart winter list to my summer list of restaurants that have gardens/outside seating and make a list of restaurants that have working fireplaces.

I'm interested in knowing about all Brooklyn restaurants that have fireplaces as long as they have edible food. The food can be great too, but should not be inedible. ;-) So anywhere from edible to great. If in doubt about the edibility, tell me about it. I'm apparently not as picky as many Chowhounders because I love Elora's in Windsor Terrace and like many other restaurants that many Chowhounders seem to hate like Aunt Suzie's and Coco Roco. I can't always afford all of the great restaurants that are constantly recommended here so lots of times I go to -- and enjoy -- the crowded, decent, moderate restaurants that many here seem to dislike. I'm also definitely interested in cafes with fireplaces where I can just get coffee, even any Starbucks with fireplaces.


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  1. Applewood and Ici have fireplaces.

    1. Nice idea for a thread.

      Patois on Smith near Degraw. A decent French bistro.

      Scottadito on Union just below 7th. I only ate there once and had a passable meal.

      1. You beat me to this post, as I was just wondering this same thing (just moved to Brooklyn). I stopped in at Ceol, an Irish pub on Smith at Baltic and they had a fireplace in the back.

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          We went to Ceol last year because it had a fireplace but it was lit only the first of the six or so times that we went and without it the back room was unpleasantly drafty. This winter we'll try Robin des Bois or maybe Sheep's Station.

        2. I asked this question a while back and got a pretty good list:

          1. Robin des Bois on Smith has a nice fireplace, I seem to recall. Watch out for the one at Applewood... it can get way toasty!