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Nov 14, 2007 02:53 PM

Manhattan's Best

My boyfriend and I will be traveling to New York in mid-December to visit family and friends! Our friends have good taste... but we don't want to leave our fate solely in their hands! I'm a total "LA Chowhound," so I knew that this would be the best place to get advice. Any restaurants that are an absolute must? My boyfriend's dead-set on trying Batali's Babbo... so I'm sure we'll give that a try.
We'll be visiting for five days -- so I'm interested in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. We're lovers of all types of food. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Welcome to the Manhattan board, KL. Five days' worth of eats is a pretty tall order. Maybe a better plan would be to search, propose a list of places that appeal to you, then ask for feedback.

    PS: start calling Babbo now if you want a rez. It takes them one calendar month in advance.

    1. Believe it or not, 5 days in NYC is bare minimum if you don't want to start making drastic cuts. You have lots of research ahead of you but to get you started, I'm going to post 2 former NYC/now west coast perspectives. The goal of course is to capitalize on what NYC does better than the west coast. You'll see some common themes including sushi. Sushi is good in LA but you should take the Yasuda challenge.

      Warning, it may be useful to intersperse with low end stuff. As Pei from LA recently found out, you can overdose on fine dining.

      Daveena's most recent visit:

      My last visit. Honmura An has since closed.

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        just read your post port, you should try the burger at lugers next time (as an appetizer to share). It is amazing and only served at lunch.

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          Haha. Listen T, I'm a glutton. Have been since I could chew solids. But sharing a burger as an appetizer (and I have heard it's amazing), having the rich steak for two with fries and creamed spinach, and finishing with a cheesecake and schlag may literally kill me...

          ...but I'll give it a shot next time if I'm with one of the boys.

          Didn't you have an upcoming trip to NYC? How was it?

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            P, that's the difference between you and me. You see, I have the less heavy pecan pie with schlag (and a scoop of vanilla ice cream) for dessert, giving me room for the hamburger and shrimp cocktail for an appetizer :). Otherwise, we are right on the same PL wavelength.

            It was a great 5 day trip.
            I Did:
            Hill Country - beef ribs and brisket were standouts, loved the sausages too, and really liked the PP&J cupcake.
            Little Owl - The pork chop is as good as everyone says. Everything is great there, prices are also very reasonable for the quality of food offered.
            Daniel - This was unexpected and I unfortunately could not do sushi because of it. Daniel is what it is - excellent.
            Eleven Madison Park - God that duck was awesome - this place held its own against Daniel which I had the night before.
            Mesa Grill - Food was decent...not my choice. Sometimes, what matters more, is the company your are with...I think :).
            Grandaisy UWS - Great but no pizza bianca yet...
            Gray's Papaya - I had two hotdogs while standing on line for Grandaisy - that's some nyc eating.
            Momofuku & Momofuku Ssam - The pork buns were amazing @ momofuku and so was the pork ssam @ ssam. I love these places.
            Barney Greengrass - My favorite breakfast...Eggs nova and onion, soft scrambled with 2 plain untoasted bagles.

      2. Definitely check out RGR's famous Lower East Side noshing tour:
        Be sure to read the entire thread for more suggestions!

        For more quintessential NY foods and restaurants check out these threads:

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          Thanks! I have a lot of research to to!