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Nov 14, 2007 02:04 PM

Deep Frying

I just bought a deep fryer and I find that my battered food i.e. corn dogs and onion rings stick to the metal grated basket..Any tips????

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  1. Are you putting the food in the basket and then lowering it into the oil? If so, there's your problem. Immerse the basket, THEN put the food items in the oil, slowly lowering them, and holding them for a fraction of a second before you release them. That will allow the batter to cook a little before it sinks to the bottom and hits the basket.

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    1. re: ricepad

      I agree with ricepad, your problem probably is that you are putting the uncooked food into the basket before it is in the fryer. Just leave the basket there and only use it take out your food. If that's not it, check your oil temp and make sure not to overload the fryer with too much food at once.

    2. What type of oil are you using? I have a new one, too and have never used it. I've heard peanut oil is the best - just not sure why...

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      1. re: BatMan

        Peanut oil is best. IMHO peanut oil creates a "cleaner" crisp, and taste - not overly oily. I use it when frying turkey, potato chips, buffalo wings, egg rolls, etc.

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          Not only does peanut oil have a fairly neutral flavor, it also has a high smoke point, so it'll withstand accidental overheating better than most other oils.

        2. I like to get the basket hot too, let it sit in the oil first as well.

          1. ditto on peanut oil. make sure your oil is up to temperature before adding the food.

            1. Thanks everyone..the suggestions really helped...I also agree on the neutral flavor of the peanut oil....