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Nov 14, 2007 01:56 PM

Peurto Rican Restaurants?

Do we have any in D.C.? And, if we do, are they any good? The only one i've been able to identify is Banana Cafe on the Hill, but that place is mediocre at best.

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  1. Apparently Rumberos in Columbia Heights has mofongo. I don't know if it's more Puerto Rican or Dominican, nor if it's good. I believe it's owned by the same people as Rumba in Adams Morgan, which I think has pretty good food. But both are "pan-Latin" and so not really what you're asking for. The Islander on U St. is "Caribbean" -- seems more Jamaican, and I haven't been there either.

    1. Rumberos is alright, though their mofongo is nothing to call your grandparents in San Juan about. The plantains were not as soft as I would have liked, and were presented as a basket for the shrimp ceviche-type filling that came in its own ramekin. Perhaps my mofongo preferences were too strictly formed by low-end restaurants that served grapefruit sized balls of crispy, fried plaintain with meaty fillings, but Rumberos' mofongo feels inauthentic. They are a decent restaurant, but not something I would travel for (my mother's recipes serve me perfectly well when I'm in a Puerto Rican fix).

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        Thanks, this is kinda what I figured, looks like I'll just have to make due!