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Nov 14, 2007 01:52 PM

Cancun Recommendations

Chicago chowhound couple will be visiting Cancun for 10 days in December. We are staying at the Westin Hotel, where the beach is beautiful, but the dining experience is sub par. What restaurants should we visit that are chowhound worthy? Thanks for your assistance.

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  1. Do you want fine dining or just good-cooking? Mexican? Yucatecan? Italian? Hotel Zone or do you want to head downtown?

    Off the top of my head: for seafood in the HZ, Los Pescadillos or Fish Frittanga...both on the lagoon side, very casual but yummers. Seafood with actual real seats: Mocambo.

    Laguna Grill gets rave reviews...I've never been, but a friend owns it.

    The husband has worked at Cenacolo, Alfredo di Roma, and Italianni's, but for Italian, try either of the former and not the latter.

    Downtown: La Habichuela. And most of the other places I go to are just taco joints/bars.

    But Grillo's has awesome Argetinian barbecue and is located on Av Bonampak.

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      Thanks for the great recommendations, look forward to checking them out next month.