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Nov 14, 2007 01:42 PM

Half Moon Bay Brewery or Barbara's Fish Trap?

We'll be visiting in the area next week. Plans are for an EARLY dinner (probably around 5:00 pm) Friday (day after Thanksgiving). Did a search on both places, but there are few recent reviews. Which has better fish 'n chips? Better soup/chowder? Or something else that shouldn't be missed? Thanks!

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  1. In my humble opinion, the food is not genius at either places. However, each is definitely worth a visit. The atmosphere at Barbara's is fun. The fish and chips are serviceable. I do like their asparagus tempura. When busy, the service is a little fractured. Half Moon Bay Brewery has a lot of tasty beers - especially nice when consumed outside on a nice day. Food is pretty good - burgers, salads, fish and chips.
    Why not do both?

    1. I agree with paternite, both restaurants are nothing to get excited about. Mezzaluna, down the street from both, although not seafood, is actually my pick when in the area. I love their veal tortellini and warm chocolate cake.

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        OK, let me clarify. DH & I are coming out from the midwest where it's difficult to find good fish (other than catfish). WE want some good FISH. The others in our party will be his senior parents. His mother was born in England and LOVES fish 'n chips. There will also be another couple with us who have eaten at Barbara's and liked it. We have plans to do something else nearby these two places and do NOT wish to travel out of the immediate area. We WILL be going to one of these two places. OF THE TWO places, which would you recommend? Thanks.

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          How about eating fish and chips at Barbara's and then literally walking across the narrow street to Half Moon Bay Brewery and enjoying a local stout or an IPA?
          I suppose this strategy could work in reverse as well. Cheers.

      2. Ketch Joanne (also in Princeton Harbor) is the place for fish & chips in our experience. Great halibut & chips too.

        1. Don't miss the calamari at Barbara's! It's the best. They have it in appetizer or full dinner size. Everything there is great! They don't take reservations, so you may wait a while for a seat in the restaurant, but they do have a take-out window if you can't wait.

          1. In my opinion, Barbara's Fish Trap is a place not to be missed. Yes, the food is not "great" but it's good and tasty in an almost-divey on-the-water location. One thing I really liked there recently was their crab cocktail which was lots of big chunks of crab, period, without any filler at all (two sauces on the side). I also enjoyed the fried artichokes (hearts?). If all the deep frying seems a bit much, you can also get broiled fish which most people seem to not be aware of. I've never had the calamari that's mentioned here, but will definitely try it the next time I'm there.