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Nov 14, 2007 01:23 PM

Cooking Turkey Breast Down

Sorry if this has already been discussed but I tried to search and only found one item about it. I want to cook my Turkey breast side down to start, but I am not sure for how long I should leave it that way. I have read anywhere from 30 minutes all the way to the whole time its in the oven.

Has anyone else cooked the Turkey this way? If so, for how long did you leave it breast down before you flipped. I have read it really helps to keep the breast moist.


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  1. I've used this recipe several times with great success. As you can see Emeril suggests roasting the turkey breast side down for the first hour.

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    1. re: kwe730

      Thanks so much! I think I will try the 1 hour method since I want to make sure that the skin gets nice and crispy on the top.

    2. I did this once by mistake the first time I had to cook a turkey while my mom was at work. Came out really really moist. I don't think we flipped it, since we didn't know until the end that it was upsidedown.

      1. My mom cooks her turkey breast side down and only flips it for the last 10-15 minutes to crisp up the skin. It really does keep the breast meat moist since it takes the dark meat longer to cook than the white meat.

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          I've *always* gone with leanneabe's mother's method, from cornish hens to geese, then flip it back up to rest; otherwise, the presentation isn't as nice.

        2. Ihave cooked turkey breast side down for 20+ years. I turn it breast side up to brown, about the last hour or so. Never had a dry turkey.

          1. We've tried it but found it hard to flip the bird (that did not come out as intended...) the last half hour.

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              Yes, I think I do remember us trying to flip that big bird over at the end and it being a messy (and hot) proposition. Does anyone have a technique for getting ol' Tom topside that doesn't involve hot turkey drippings going down my shirt sleeve?

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                I was planning to use two tongs to flip it by sticking one in the cavity. I am not stuffing the bird so hopefully that works! Thanks again to all for your advice.

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                  First... turn it on top of the stove removing most if not all of the juices (put on side) so when or if it turns real fast there's little to no splash you can use a hand towel and a large fork.I would turn away from myself and if possible have someone hold the pan.I attepted this while the bird was 1/2 way out of the over on the rack and almost lost it ....with a hungry cat praying I would