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Nov 14, 2007 01:09 PM

Office Birthday Lunch - he LOVES meat. Where to go?

15 people, would love to keep it to $25 a person, Beverly Hills, or West Hollywood...Hamburgers count as meat. The lunch is tomorrow. Please help.

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  1. -- They have an excellent kobe burger on the lunch menu or the new Melrose Bar & Grill if you can get a reservation after the glowing LA Times review today:

    Melrose Bar & Grill
    8826 Melrose Ave.
    West Hollywood CA
    310 278 3684

    1. meat lover?? fogo de chao on la cienega in beverly hills.

      1. Bossa Nova could be fun.

        1. If they can handle a crowd of 15, I'd go with Lucky Devils in WeHo. Burgers to die for, great beer selection (if permitted) to wash them down, and the desserts will send you to heaven.

          If your group is too big for Lucky Devils, Fogo de Chao might be good (but having just been there for lunch last Friday I can tell you it ends up being a pricey lunch...).

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          1. re: soccerandlost

            I second Lucky's. Sort of a nifty diner/burger joint vibe with more upscale food and great beer.

            The milkshakes are amazing!

            1. re: soccerandlost

              Unless there are two, last I checked the only Lucky Devil's is smack dab in Hollywood, not WeHo.

              1. re: missy85

                You're right, Missy. I said WeHo but it's definitely in Hollywod.

            2. Fogo de Chao - more meat than you can shake a stick at (hah!)...delicious meat but pricey lunch option - $50 w/out any additional beverages.

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              1. re: MyMyNYGirl

                Lunch used to be $32. Did they raise it that much?

                1. re: Servorg

                  the pricing is still $32 for lunch and $54 for dinner. perhaps they tipped exceedingly well?