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Nov 14, 2007 01:08 PM

Costco boneless short ribs

Has anyone made regular bone-in short rib recipes with the type of boneless strips of short ribs they sell at costco? Is there a negative impact to losing the bone collagen?

Need to cook short ribs for 25 this weekend and even cooking them in batches I feel I need to save the bone space. It's a lot of short ribs.

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  1. I used to cook a combination of bone-in and out. I have decided I like the bone-in better. Could be my imagination, but I think the meat flavor is better. If you are cooking for company, don't overcook the bone-in ones or the bone falls out and ruins the presentation. In your case, for 25, I might go with the bone-out.

    Tip: I cook mine the day before and refrigerate overnight. The fat solidifies and is easily lifted off. Also, the flavor develops as it rests.

    Good luck, 25 whew!

    1. I guess it depends on what recipe you're making whether you would miss the "bone collagen". I've used the short ribs from Costco a few times and the meat always gets soft and tender and doesn't dry out. You definitely save space with no bones and I think the overall dish is just as tasty (and easier to serve).

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        That's exactly the encouragement I need. Thank you! I will try it and report back after this weekend.

        I'm making a recipe from Fine Cooking - "Asian Style Beef Short Ribs" from a few years ago - still the best short ribs recipe I have ever tried. It gets a wonderful flavor from the star anise and ginger.

        1. re: celeste

          I'm wondering how these turned out? I was at Costco today and their boneless short ribs resemble nothing of what I have known as short ribs?