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Nov 14, 2007 12:34 PM

Buffalo wings in Bergen County?

Anyone have any recommendations for good wings in Bergen County?

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  1. Good luck. They're hard to find around here, especially for people like me who like their wings breaded. (I know, I know, but that's how I like 'em!) Bennigan's used to make wonderful breaded, buffalo wings, but they changed the recipe a few years ago, and now they're blah like everywhere else. It's hard to find any good wings, breaded or unbreaded here.

    There is some hope, however. Recently, a Planet Wings store opened up in Saddle Brook. (They're on Market Street next to Dynasty Buffet.) Their wings are pretty good, and there are quite a few sauces to choose from. (The thai chili is the best!) You can't get your regular wings breaded (although they do boneless breaded), and use coupons when you can (they usually have some laying around the counter), because they're not cheap. But they're the best we have right now, as far as I know.

    They're supposed to be opening a Buffalo Wild Wings at Palisades Center soon too. I discovered one on my way to NH in WIndsor, CT. They were quite good. In fact, I stopped there on the way home too. (None in Jersey yet though, sadly, but I'm sure they're coming!)

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      try wings over in carlstadt. they are a chain out of MA but just starting here in Begen County. I spoke to the owner and they are planning to open up spots all over Bergen and Essex county.

      1. re: RayP

        Thanks Ray. I looked them up & they are easy to get to. I'm always looking for a new wing fix. I'll let you know if I concur!

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          Just a note on wing chains...I've had Planet Wings, Wings Over (in Ithaca), and Buffalo Wild Wings, and Wings Over was by far the best. I'm sure quality can vary from individual resturant to individual restaurant. But I would recommend trying Wings Over before the others! Their spicy flavors have more of a delicious flavor than the other chains, I felt.

          1. re: RayP

            The Wings Over website describes the wings as "lightly breaded". Can you describe what this is like. I don't like breaded wings (a la Hooters, etc.)--I would prefer the wings to be fried with no coating and lightly sauced so they stay crisp. But I'm willing to give Wings Over a chance if the breading is acceptable to a fellow hound.

            1. re: kimie

              I usually got their boneless wings, which are more like chicken fingers, and those were lightly breaded...the breading didn't get in the way of the flavor at all, and they used all white meat. The Wings Over "boned" wings didn't have any breading on them as far as I can remember. I've never had Hooters wings so unfortunately I can't compare and say how similar they might be to those. Give them a try, just get the smallest order...and if you don't like them, then at least you gave them a shot!

              1. re: Solstice444

                Ok, thanks for the info. Update: I went to Wings Over in Carlstadt tonight, and they were pretty good wings. The wings themselves were very large and meaty, and cooked to perfection. There were 22 sauces to choose from, and I selected one of the buffalo hot sauces, which was ok. Over all, I thought the wings were good--and far better than what you can normally get in the area--but they were not the best. My real issue here is that they were overly sauced--I tend to like my wings crispy and lightly sauced. My husband was very, very happy with them. So, I would have to recommend them to all of my fellow hounds looking for good wings. And regarding the "lightly breaded" question I had--they dip their wings in a "seasoned flour mixture" before frying them, according to the owner. Unless someone mentioned this to you, you would not notice this fact.

                On a different note, I want to mention that I happened to be in Waldwick on Friday night, and I tried Nellies--as recommended by someone else on this thread. It was a very fun place, and the wings were actually great. In this case, the wings were deep fried and crispy, and lightly sauced--just the way I like them! I would also recommend their cheesey fries--which is a plate of waffle fries coated in a cheesey sauce and topped with real bacon pieces. A guilty pleasure, and perfect with a beer a Friday night.

                1. re: kimie

                  Phew, I'm glad you liked Wings Over, otherwise I might've been in trouble. :-)

        2. Baily's in Blauvelt NY has decent wings. They are in Rockland but right on the Bergen Co. border. Wouldn't travel too far, but if you are in the area they will hit the spot. (Also, the bbq stuff their is really good.). The buffalo wild wings has opened in the mall. Haven't been there yet. A recent post gives the chain so so reviews.

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            even closer to the bergen county border, but still in rockland just when knickerbocker road turns into 303 is tappan pub. great wing specials on tuesday nights and on saturdays. in bergen i've always enjoy the wings @ pancho burritos in new milford.

            1. re: michele cindy

              One more thing about Bailey's wings, if you like them super spicy, and non chemical tasting, their nuclear/atomic sauce is what to get. They warn you, no money back if they are too hot for you to handle. I get one level down and the super hot sauce on the side. The kids get them plain, with their GREAT bbq sauce on the side. I like them this way as well when I have to eat their leftovers!

            2. Oh, the quest for good wings in Bergen County has haunted my husband and I for the past six years. We fell in love with wings when we were in college out in PA, and it's really hard to find good wings out here. I am a wing purist--I like them deep fried, no coating, and not too saucy. We ended up settling for the wings at Smith Brothers in Ridgewood--but they had a fire this past year, and I'm not sure if they are going to re-open.

              If you are willing to travel for your wings, I would highly recommend the Shannon Rose Pub in Clifton. The wings there are a really nice size and they come in two different flavors--hot and guinness bbq. Many people swear by the bbq--but I'm not a bbq fan. The hot sauce is perfect. They are not breaded (which is a plus for me) and they are fried perfectly. I've had them on several occassions, and they are very consistant. Plus, the atmosphere there is really nice and you can grab a pint and try out some of their other food.

              Shannon Rose
              98 Kingsland Rd, Clifton, NJ

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                Mario's Pizza in Maywood has really good wings. My favorite is getting them mild with hot sauce on the side, they are meaty fried deliciousness.

              2. Don't laugh but we absolutely LOVE the boneless wings from Houlihan's on Rt. 17. The sauce is absoultely amazing! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings in the Palisade Mall twice now - both trips were horrible. We love wings so much that we had to give them a second chance and the second visit was worse than the first. The wings are awful, all coating and they are so cheap with their sauce - which is one of their big selling points so I don't really get that. The literally brough out sauce on the lid of a plastic cup. It was awful - save your money. I saw someone had recommended The Shannon Rose - that is a good suggestion. They are really good. You can even get a side dish of french fries "buffalo style" with sauce and bleu cheese. Yum!

                1. Hands down Davey's Locker in Montvale has the best wings. Plus their bleu cheese dressing is to die for. I would drink it alone.

                  Also, if you are in the mood for dessert, get the Irish Whiskey Cake. So good.


                  Davey's Locker
                  5 Park St
                  Montvale, NJ 07645
                  (201) 391-9356