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Nov 14, 2007 11:28 AM

Cafe in Upper Eastside?

I am new to living in 87th Street and 3rd Ave. Does anyone know where I can have a good pastry and strong coffee in that area? I know of DuTu but want something more quiet and peaceful. Thanks in advance!


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  1. try Rohrs on 86th street between second and first avenues

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      There is also Corrado's (sp?) on Lex in the 80s north of 87th, but I've not been impressed with their coffee/pastries.

    2. How about Cafe Sabarsky on 5th Ave. near 86th? Great coffee and amazing Viennese pastries.

      ~Eddie H.

      1. I'm on the same block. I recommend Choux Factory on 87th and 1st for both coffee and decadent cream well as free Wifi. You can linger.

        Directly across the street from Choux Factory is Glaser's Bake Shop. One of the oldest bakeries in the city and one of my favorites. Try the back & white cookie and a Cheese Danish.

        Two Little Red Hen's also has very good baked goods and has a couple of small tables. Second Ave just below 86th.

        DTUT has closed, but a new cafe is going to open there according to the signs.