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Nov 14, 2007 11:15 AM

willow sunny bakery/brito and sons

trying to get some info on the old willow sunny bkery at 152 willow st yonkers, ny my mothers familly owned it in the 50's my mom was doris costa her mom was armanda and stepfather john fernandes they ran the bakery my g ma use to be the cake baker birthday cakes were here speiclaity she once baked for the mayor she dies in 1959 and im just trying to find out where so that i may visit, when she dies her husb sold the bakery to his sister and she married brito they of course have passed on but the bakery is still there with all the wonderfull memories that my mother told me,they named has been change to brito and sons bakery

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  1. We are still trying to find a contact for you, however for the time being, most local people who lived in Yonkers at that time were buried in Oakland Cemetery, or Mount Hope Cemetery.

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      icant belive i just got this reply at my own fault thank you deeply for the info ive allways wanted to see my grandma;s grave, she dies at 51 and just allways heard alot of good about her, thank im gonna try theses 2 cemetaries

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        i just called briots cakery on willow st and spoke to the owner he told me the the bakery willow sunny had a fires many many years ago and that the original family is gone which would of been fernandes , i explained how i am trying to locate my frandmas grave and he said to try calling a church in the area> if i could only see the obit at the ny libary that would say where she was buried again armanda fernandes born 9-4-1908 died nov 3, 1959her husband was john frnandes i was told the mayor attended the funeral of armanda because at the time she was the baker of cakes andbaked the mayors daughters wedding cake my email id be willing to pay if some one can go to the NY libary and copy the obit for me that way id find her grave

    2. Hi again, this is Manny Chousa the correct address 154 willow st. The bakery is no longer there.