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Nov 14, 2007 11:03 AM

Need Chow help in Rancho Mirage.

Hi All-
my wife to be and I are going away next weekend to Rancho Mirage and we need help with a nice place for dinner Saturday night.
A couple of places I've found online that look ok are....
- Wally's
- Shame on the moon
- Bing's
- La nueva cazuela's

I would imagine the last is tied into the same chain in Palm Springs.

Looking over the 1st three I wasn't really blown away from the menu.

We're looking for a place that has Chow food, great feel and a a nice lounge for a pre dinner cocktail, we always like to arrive a bout 30 minutes early just to relax and and enjoy a cocktail.

Is there a place I should know of? Only been out there 1 before.
We're open to steaks, Italian, really anything that has high marks with you folks.

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  1. Wally's is a dining extravaganza. Big wallet, very shi-shi. Las Casuela's is formualic Mexican. Don't know about the others. If you like Thai, try Bangkok 5 on 111 at Country Club Drive in RM. The Ritz Carlton would be a good choice too. Lovely views.

    1. Bing Crosby's is the second location of the original restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA (East Bay). I have not eaten at the Rancho Mirage location but have eaten several times at the Walnut Creek location. The food and service are both very good. Wine list and food are both on the pricey side. Great martinis. The atmosphere is very old school comfortable with big banquettes and Crosby memoribilia hung on the walls. Think very upscale country club food. The one here has a nice bar area and usually has pianist playing.

      1. Villa Abate is good for upscale Italian and I always like Roy's wherever they are. One of the few chains I like...

        1. I agree with the Roys Recommendation, they are very good. I have been there many times and have never been disappointed.

          1. I would advise you to avoid "La Nueva Cazuela", as you call it, the real name of the restaurant being "Las Casuelas Nuevas." As someone else here noted, it is "formulaic," meaning ordinary Cal-Mex food in a romanticized hacienda setting. And speaking of the hacienda, it has seen better days from a maintenance standpoint.

            If you want better Mexican food, try El Mirasol in Palm Springs, 10-15 minutes away west and north at 140 E. Palm Canyon Drive, 760-323-0721. But, they don't take reservations.