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Nov 14, 2007 10:54 AM

Somerset, NJ Visit [Moved from Tristate board]

I'm staying in Summit for a couple of days and want to know where to eat something other than food prepared at pizza joints and trash food.
Is there a decent Japanese restaurant near the Garden State Exhibit Center? What else can a fellow chowhound suggest? I'd prefer not to break the budget.

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  1. Summit, or Somerset? Big difference, and iirc, the Exhibition Ctr is in Somerset. Let us know, please--then maybe we can help!

    1. Woops!!! Somerset it is. Sorry about that!

      1. Edo, on Easton Ave in New Brunswick is my absolute favorite sushi place. Just tell Yun the sushi chef how much you want to spend and he'll give you a plate - I usually ask for half sushi and half sashimi. Mmm! Now I want to go there.

        1. One of the best Sushi places in NJ is in Somerville (about 10 minutes from Somerset), called Shumi ( ). There's a great Thai place in Somerset on Easton Avenue called Chao Phaya ( ). They also have a location in Somerville. There is a pretty good Japanese restaurant in Somerset as well called Jo Sho. See the New York Times Review at

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            I second the praise for Shumi! It's one of our favorites. Not just really great sushi, but excellent entrees as wells. Be sure to check out their daily specials, too. We've found some unusual but tasty items!

          2. Queries about Somerset really belong on the Mid-Atlantic board. You might want to ask the moderators to move this post to the Mid-Atlantic board AND change the title to Somerset rather than Summit.

            Cranrob's recommendations are excellent. You might also have a look at the following link which asked a question similar to yours.


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              Thanks everyone. I'll be sure to report when I'm back.