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Nov 14, 2007 10:49 AM

Save Us from Applebee's

Hi All: My parents are flying in from the West Coast on Thursday for a slightly belated Thanksgiving the next day. They get in to Logan around 5 and I'm casting about for a place to get a bite without committing to all the fuss of a restaurant Thanksgiving. Does anyone have any ideas for a place that will be low-key (but open) on T-day? Maybe a bar with a decent menu? No huge turkey buffets or fixed menus, and (sadly) nothing too exotic/exciting. Open to locations from Boston to southern New Hampshire.

Thanks in advance for all your help - I have terrible visions of cruising up Route 3 looking for an open Cumberland Farms.

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  1. Why not a Legal Seafood? You really can't go wrong and even the blandest eaters can find something (like chowder.) You can jump on the Mass Pike and jump off to go to the one at the Prudential Center, or go a little farther west to Chestnut Hill Mall.

    Here are the ones open on T-day.

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      I think that the quality between Legal's locations varys considerably. I would recommend that you skip the Prudential location and stroll over to the Copley one. Or, better yet, go to the Kendall location in Cambridge.

      1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record - Angela's Cafe has absolutely wonderful Mexican "home cooking" - right in East Boston! I'd recommend highly the chicken with mole for perhaps unadventurous parents - They also have "American" items and other familiar food - Call ahead and see if they'll be open on Thursday....PS, if you calll and would like directions from the Airport (I don't drive so can't give them) ask for Luis, Angela's son - Or if you know how to get to Santarpio's, which is on the corner of Chelsea and Porter, go up Chelsea (eg north) to Brooks, take a left, and Angela's is on the corner of Lexington.

        1. I had a great meal at Sake Japanese restaurant in Portsmouth NH a couple years ago.
          Very quiet, great service by ladies in kimonos, and plenty of menu choices, like steak, for those not too familiar with Japanese food. I believe they have another restaurant on Rte 1 in Saugus.

          BTW, I think Santarpio's is closed on T-Day, but it would be a great Boston place to bring the 'rents on their way out. Beats airline food.

          Also, if you want to go the Legal route, (not the worst option on a holiday for chowder, etc)
          there's one in the airport. Pay for an hour or so of parking and you could just eat there and head out. There's also a Legal Test Kitchen.
          Finally the airport Hilton has an "Irish" pub, a restaurant and a cafe.
          Wouldn't really recommend them otherwise but given the day and your needs one might work.

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          1. re: joestrummer

            Unfortunately for the OP, the LTK at the airport (Terminal A, Delta) is behind security, so you can't eat there unless you have a flight or make prior arrangements with the airline/TSA. I'm not sure how easy the latter is. One of the Legal outlets (Terminal B, USAir) is also behind security. The other Legal is outside security in Terminal C (United, JetBlue). Is Legal's fare at the airport as good (or bad) as the more conventional outlets?

            1. re: DavisSquare

              Thanks for the clarification. Wouldn't catch me dead at an airport unless I was flying out of it quickly so I wasn't thinking about getting past security.

              I'm not sure about the quality (or lack of) at the airport Legal locations. Just seemed crazy to drive to the Prudential or elsewhere after a long flight for a meal that could be had (possibly) at the airport.

              1. re: joestrummer

                I don't think they're bad, but they're for commuters, not for fine dining. And yes, the two that I know are behind security. Get out of Logan, and hit the road.

                1. re: brendastarlet

                  I'm with you Brenda. I wouldn't normally recommend eating at Logan or Legal but the parents coming in on the holiday after a long trip makes it difficult to hit the road for a meal.

                  Driving from Logan to Chestnut hill or even the Pru after a long flight wouldn't appeal to me after taking a long flight.

                  JB, there are many restaurants, probably all better than Applebee's, on route 1 out of Boston. I'm sure one or two will be open.

            2. re: joestrummer

              This reminded me of the Sake on Route One in Saugus.

            3. If not "too exotic" includes Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean food, my guess would be that many places in Chinatown will be open on Thanksgiving. Eastern Pier in the Seaport District might be another possibility- good and authentic Chinese seafood and other dishes and plenty of standard Chinese restaurant dishes for the unadventurous