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Nov 14, 2007 10:13 AM

Help! I forgot to order a turkey! (MSP)

I just realized that Thanksgiving is next week, and the entire family will be arriving at my house hungry for turkey.

Where should I go to order a fresh, not-too-enormous turkey? I've had bad luck in the past - Byerly's delivered a huge bird that was almost twice as large as I ordered, and Whole Foods' so-called "never frozen" turkey was so "deep chilled" (their words) that it needed 4+ hours of panic defrosting under running water - major T-day stress that I didn't need.

I need help finding a good source for a tasty turkey. I'd especially like one that's free range, organic, and non-injected.


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  1. Your local co-op should still have some available. I've ordered, happily, from Mississippi Market in the past.

    1. I don't know if they still have any available, but Cooks of Crocus Hill was offering heritage turkeys - local, free-range, no hormones, etc. 651-228-1333.

      1. Clancy's may still be taking orders. And yes, the Mississippi Market still had a sign up for orders last night.

        1. The Wedge is taking orders through Friday, 11/16 for turkeys of various types and sizes. I think I read in the newsletter that they'll have some available for walk-in as well.

          We've ordered from there in the past and have always had good luck. (I'd better check with my better half to make sure we've ordered as well for this year...)

          Here's the relevant info:

          1. Call Callister's farm in the market. They probably have some smaller birds that need roasting! I was late last year and they got me a ten pounder.