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Nov 14, 2007 10:00 AM

Peking Duck the next day?

Here is my challenge. I want to serve Peking Duck for Thanksgiving purchased from my favorite chinese restaurant. However, they are not open on Thanksgiving, so I would need to pick it up the night before. So, how would you reheat it? Any suggestions on keeping the wraps (pancakes) that come with it good?

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  1. Ian, I found this on Wapedia. It was translated from Chinese:

    Whole Peking Ducks can be ordered as takeaways. The ducks can be reheated at home with an oven, grill or boiling oil. When an oven is used, the duck is heated at a temperature of 150°C for 20 minutes, and then at 160°C for another 10 minutes. The grilling method involves filling the duck with boiling water before placing it on a griddle, 70 cm above the cooking fire. The boiling water is replaced every 3-4 minutes until the duck's skin is piping hot. To reheat the Peking Duck with oil, the duck is sliced into thin pieces and placed in a strainer held over a wok of boiling oil. The duck is then rinsed
    several times with the oil.

    Conversions 150/160 deg C = 300/325 deg F (approx) and cm to in: 70cm = 28 inches.

    If it were me I think I might crank up the volume right at the end of reheating to get that skin right again. I'd give the duck a feel and if it was not crisp enough I would broil with a close eye on it. It shold be plenty fatty enough to not dry it out.

    As for the pancakes you could treat them like tortillas. Keep them refrigerated in a ziplock.. You could separate them between wax or parchment paper and wrap them with plastic wrap and then zip lock them if you are worried.

    What a fine idea for Thanksgiving.

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      Thanks Sal. I should have been clearer on the state of the duck. It will already be cut up into pieces ready to go in the pancakes. One of the things I love about this restaurant is that they trim it extremely well and with no bone. I want to make sure I don't dry the pieces out by reheating.

      Wax paper sounds like the way to go on the pancakes.

      Thanks again.