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Finding a goose

We're hoping to roast a goose for Thanksgiving. But we haven't seen them this year in our friendly neighborhood grocery store. So I'm wondering if anyone out there can point me to a store that sells a whole goose. Thanks.

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  1. Savenor's in Cambridge and Boston has them, but you have to order them. Check out their website. . . http://www.savenorsmarket.com/

    1. I just saw some frozen whole geese at my local Market Basket in Methuen, MA. I'm sure other branches have them as well. Ask the meat mgr.

      1. Super 88 in Malden had them last week. Frozen, whole.

        1. Whole Foods often has them around the holidays.

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            Typically, CHanukah (as goose fat was a central European replacement for the signature oil of the holiday - and what a great replacement it is!). Always worth getting one just to roast and render the fat from for use during the coming year....

          2. The Star Market on Western Ave. in Brighton had geese and ducks when I was there last week.

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              I"ve seen them at Mayflower poultry in East. Cambridge, on Cambridge St. I don't think they are "fresh killed", as are their chickens, however. I"ve never bought and roasted one here (although I did do so in Buffalo once, and it was a nice change from Turkey.)

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                How is the poultry at Mayflower? I have always been curious but never had the chance to stop in. Do they do Thanksgiving turkeys?

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                  Mayflower's poultry is excellent - the best place to get fresh capon. The place is well stocked and well run - reminds me of the butchers I grew up with (for people who've only ever purchased meats in supermarkets low or high, they might be put off by the clean smell of butchery, because supermarket butcher counters are cleansed of such honest, natural smells, even Whole Foods).

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                    Mmmm, Capon. Thanks for reminding me. Must roast one this weekend!

            2. I was very surprised to see them at Stop and Shop in Malden.

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                They are in the freezer at S&S in Saugus too.

              2. i've never had--much less cooked--goose, and was thinking of roasting one this xmas for kicks. so i went to the savenor's website and they say something like $70 for a 10-12lb. bird--yikes! is that just par-for-the-course for a good quality goose? what would that size bird run at whole foods or mayflower?

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                  Don;t know about the cost but if you haven't made one before, like duck, there is very little meat on these birds so a 10-12 lb bird probably will barely serve 5-6.

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                    About ten years ago my father cooked a goose for the holidays and the whole family became horribly ill the next day. It's possible that there was just something wrong with that goose. But our consensus after speaking to many people was that our bodies were reacting to the high fat content of a goose. Something about our bodies not being used to it. Not sure if this is true or not, just a word of caution.

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                      Around 10 years ago I used to cook a goose for my departmental holiday party each year, back then it was about $50 so I'd say $70 isn't surprising for Savenors. emilief is right that there isn't a lot of meat, it worked ok for the party as long as no one got selfish. One trick for roasting is to put water in the pan to keep the rendered fat from burning/smoking and also to skim the fat periodically during cooking. I'd get better than 1/2 gallon of fat from one bird.

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                        That's Savenor's. THey probably are either special imported - if from France, then the Euro-Dollar conversion is awful these days. Call Mayflower for their prices.

                        Geese are more expensive than chickens because it takes longer to reach that size - and you pay for time when you pay for livestock of any sort.

                      2. My mother-in-law gets a goose every year for Christmas dinner at Owen's Poultry Farm in Needham, but I have no idea what she spends for it. I do know, however, that it is always delicious, and I have been the beneficiary of the jars of rendered fat for the past several years... and so January weekends are spent making duck confit & rillettes. I think you can get Owen's address from the yellow pages as I'm fairly sure they have no website. Good luck!

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                        1. I have seen them at Wilson Farms in Lexington. Never tried one, though. I buy all of my hamburg at Wilsons. Also love their chickn thighs ( had them last night- so good) and always buy my duck there.

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                            Thanks everyone for your ideas. My MIL found one at her neighborhood Market Basket for $2.99/lb. I guess that sounds like a good price....

                          2. just saw them this afternoon at the shaw's on Morrissey Blvd. in Southie.

                            1. We had an amazing fresh goose from Wilson Farms last year for Thanksgiving -- they take advance orders, but also stock them. It was fun to cook and we had fat to use for other tasty recipes into the New Year!