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Nov 14, 2007 09:48 AM

avec with baby?

Hi all, my wife, myself, and our 7month-old will be visiting Chi this weekend, and my parents will come down to join us Friday evening.

If we all were to go out together (I am hoping they babysit and my wife and I go out just us!) I was thinking about avec, around 6-6:30.

Is this possible to do with a well behaved kiddo?

any other suggestions? we like good food.


p.s. I have posted elsewhere regarding places for just the two of us (North pond, blackbird, onesixtysomething, etc).

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  1. It's pretty loud in there. Plus, there isn't a whole lot of room, just some long tables and the bar. I can't imagine that there would be room for a baby carrier without it getting kicked around.

    Avec's website has a picture of the place (look in the upper right hand corner on the front page). That's the whole restaurant!

    1. Remember, Avec doesn't accept reservations. Going there during the week, and at off hours, is fine, but waiting times on Friday and Saturday nights can be as long as 2-3 hours. And waiting that long with an infant could be trying on everyone.

      OTOH if you could go at an early hour, it might work out fine. They open at 3:30 pm and I would imagine if you got there by 5:00 it might not be too bad, but 6:00-6:30 is pushing your luck. You may want to call ahead to ask them what waiting times typically are at any particular hour.

      1. It's one of the least baby-friendly restaurants I could imagine. Get that babysitter.


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        1. re: Lillian

          I could not agree more. I would not even think about bringing a kid there.

        2. this might be redundant .. but NO, you will not have a good time at all.

            1. Well, Avec isn't what I'd call formal. It's a fairly casual wine bar with great food. Communal seating alone makes it a bit less than formal. And for that reason, I think it was at least worth asking. It still would be a very bad idea.

              4pm on a Tuesday might be fine, though.