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Nov 14, 2007 09:24 AM

Doing a Bardge Trip in June Dijon to Escommes

We are doing a barge trip on Le Premier in June from Dijon to Escommes. Any suggestions on places to get off and see along the way. Also we will be staying the night before in Paris and two nights after. We need suggestions on "reasonable" hotels (is there such a thing in Paris?) and wonderful restaurants. Thanks in advance....far in advance.

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  1. Please be more specific with regard to your price range for restaurants, and any other preferences. That will make it much easier to advise, as there are so many wonderful restaurants in Paris and elsewhere. Regarding hotels, yes Paris really does not have to be terribly expensive. My favorite budget hotel is the Hotel de Nice which is in a very central location on the Rue de Rivoli. The rooms are typically small but very charming, with small but well-equipped bathrooms, and the rates are around 100 euros.

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      Thanks your're right I should be more specific. This is our 1st time in Paris and not sure when we will return. I would like to do at least one night of let it go where it may. Then be a bit more on the budget one of the othr two nights. Lets see if you were only going to be in Paris one night for a meal......where would it be??? Does that help? Thanks for the Hotel information.

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        Even if you are willing to have one meal with no expense spared, I would still hesitate to do it in the evening, when every top restaurant is just so ridiculously expensive. I would strongly suggest having a very special lunch, which will be quite a bit less expensive, though still not cheap by any means. Most restaurants have a prix fixe lunch at a fraction of the cost of dinner. My absolute favorite is Carre des Feuillants. The lunch menu is 65 euros and you will have a spectacular meal. With wine, water, coffee, etc. it will run $300 at least, but for dinner you would spend twice that. For dinner, stick with more moderate places. For moderately priced but interesting food I would recommend the following:

        Le Dome du Marais
        Ze Kitchen Galerie
        L'os a Moelle

        If you have a list of towns you will be passing through on your barge trip, I may be able to come up with some suggetions for those.

    2. Where to stay and what else to do when visiting an area are huge subjects. They're well covered by any number of general interest travel sites, but would swamp out the food content on Chowhound, detracting from the very usefulness that brought you here. Please do give Kathfootball recommendations for "wonderful restaurants" though!

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        Thanks while on barge don't need a "to do", it is more like a "not to do" time. Thanks for the suggestions. I will look at the general interest travel sites for hotel and restaurants. I'm new at this

      2. Kath, what direction from Dijon is Escommes? I don't know that town. If you are going in the direction of Beaune, I have a few suggestions for dining. Let us know so we can make recs, please.

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          Escommes is where the Brugundy Canal and the A6 touch, just southeast of where the A6 and A38 split. Its not far from Pouily-en-Auxois. The Canal goes past a Relais & Chateau that has very good lunches in an old monastery below Chateauneuf-en-Auxois on the way to Dijon.

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            Kath may well be tied into a schedule which includes the Paris -Dijon & return connections so surely it is the Paris part of the trip for which she seeks advice. The cruise will have a gourmet focus on board anyway and have day trips to off canal sites as well so advice re stuff along the cruise route is not so important . Hope the team message has not put her off researching the Paris part of her trip on this board!!??

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              Thanks for infor so far...been off the board with Holidays and all. Your exactly right we just need help with Paris. Pretty well set with the barge trip itinerary, however if you have some thing GREAT let me know, FYI we start in Dijon to Escommes. So we are in Paris Late Friday Night, all day Saturday and Sat night....leave Sunday for barge back the following Sat for 2 more nights. One night we want to do it up, then the other nights on more of a budget. Thanks again all of your comments are so helpful.