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Looking for Tea Rooms in North Dallas

I want to surprise my sister for a lunch outing this coming week in North Dallas. I'd like to take her to a NICE tea room. (Not a hole in the wall place.) Any suggestions?

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  1. Lavendou does a nice tea http://www.lavendou.com/ not a tearoom but rather a nice bistro that does afternoon tea.

    1. Also not a Tea Room, but the Adolphus does a wonderful tea. I think La Duni does tea as well. FYI, you have to have reservations at most of these places.

      1. I'm guessing the French Pear in McKinney is not what you're looking for.

        1. In the Galleria, the Grand Lux has a nice tea. Not traditional cups and pourings, but great tea sandwiches and scones. Really inexpensive for tea too. I think less than $20. Also, Maudee's on Lovers is good. If the Arboretum is already open for Holiday tea, that would be the best choice.

          1. This article is about a year and a half old but the info looks current:


            1. There's this one place off of Mckinney Ave and Blackburn Ave call Petit Four?


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                Been there. (Meaning Petit Four). It was good, but not great. I love really, really good scones and these were just so-so. Nice though b/c they let us just sit for hours and talk and didn't make us feel like we needed to leave.

              2. try HALO tea & chocolate in Frisco, TX

                1. http://www.chocolateangel.com/
                  They have locations in Richardson and Carrollton. I haven't been but it was recommended to me by another Chowhound.

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                    Saw this posted in another thread and thought it might be of interest


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                      I've been to the new Dallas location. I wasn't impressed with my lunch salad, and neither were my companions. The menu sounds much better than the execution. My grandma has even been twice and said she doesn't want to go there again. It is nicer looking and not all corny chintzy like most tea rooms, and the cookies I brought home for dessert were very good indeed.

                    2. I came across this link for "Texas Tea Guide" while searching something completely unrelated and remembered this post.


                      1. Doesn't Inessa Stewart off of Lover's do tea? Never been, but very curious.