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Nov 14, 2007 08:18 AM

wine of the month club, or wine related gift?


My Dad's 60th B-day is coming up & he's a big wine fan. I was thinking it might be nice give him something wine related. Maybe do a Wine of The Month Club....can anyone suggested a good club of this sort (that also ships to NYC). Or any other wine ideas that would be nice as a 60th birthday present.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You have to be very careful when choosing these wine clubs. The quality of wines that many offer is quite suspect.

    What may be better than one of the random "Wine of the Month Club" type deals is to find a particular producer that your dad likes and sign him up for a membership in one of their clubs. Much better likelihood of ending up with wines he will like.

    Another option is to find a good wine retailer and ask them to put together a nice mixed case for you. Particularly if you've got an idea of what kind of wines your dad likes, a good merchant will be able to put together a selection of wines that can both please and surprise the recipient.

    Finally, if dad's B-day is before the end of the year, here's another idea. That means he was born in 1947, which happens to be a legenday year for Bordeaux. Maybe splurge on one great bottle from the year he was born?

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      My one experience with a wine club (received as a gift) a while back - don't remember the name - was that the wines during the first and last months were decent, but the rest were pretty lousy.

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        really? didn't know that about '47. both my parents were born then - had their 60ths earlier but that's great to know. they'd love it.

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          The suggestion to join a winery's wine club is excellent. I've been the recipient of several from local retailers, and they have been less than stellar. Of the retailer's offerings, that I have seen, only the higher-end clubs from K & L have impressed me,

          Now, you might want to talk to a shop, local to your father, and order 12 btls. of wines of your choice and budget, to be shipped to him, or a case of really well-thoughtout wines.

          Yes, to the '47. Heck, since '47 was MY birth year, a bottle of '47 Petrus would be well received. [insert grin here



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            Mrs. F doesn't hesitate to give me hints for what she wants for her birthday - you should be doing the same!

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              Last time that I dropped the hint, wife commented that I could either dine out for a year, or get THAT bottle. Faced with the reality of the choices, I chose the dining for a year. Maybe if I keep dropping hints, some wealthy wino friend will open one, when I am invited to their home... or, maybe not.


        2. You are MUCH BETTER OFF getting your father one (or two) bottles of wine that you know he will like, rather than subscribing to a wine-of-the-month club where most of the bottles are . . . well, let's just say your father might not like them.

          1) Figure out what kind of wines your father likes.
          2) Figure out how much money you want to spend total (how much would the wine club have cost you?).
          3) Figure out how many bottles you want to give him for his 60th. (6? 12?)

          Go to a reputable wine store and pick out wines of the type he'll enjoy. (You can ask for some recommendations here, but you may have a hard time finding some of them.) The wines you pick out will be 5000% better than the wines he would get via a wine-of-the-month club selection.

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            Might I suggest that instead of wine, give him a really good, interesting looking decanter?

          2. Another point to bear in mind about WOTM clubs is that by definition they ship wines every month, including hot months when the bottles are almost certain to get cooked in transit.

            If there's a particular winery he's fond of, you might consider signing him up for one of their special releases programs, meaning he'd get a small shipment of limited release or experimental bottles two to four (typically) times a year (not in hot months). Ridge and Bonny Doon have them, though I'm sure they're not the only ones.

            1. I agree with everyone that many wine clubs are generally of dramatically inconsistant quality with more than a few being close to a scam. i.e. questionable wines of questionable provenance that are likely to never been seen again. In my experience, these clubs tend to be stand alone businesses.

              Wineries wine of the month club's can be fun but they are limiting in that they are, well, only one winery. Though I will admit to having been in the Mumm club for years now becuase I go through way too much sparkling and like that a few bottles are always showing up.

              HOWEVER, good wine shops often do this sort of thing really well. If you shop around a little you should be able to find one that has a price range that works for you.

              Lastly, my understanding of shipping laws is that New York is a reciprocal state (meaning it is legal to ship wine there from other states) so you shouldn't have too much trouble with shipping.

              Good Luck.