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Nov 14, 2007 08:12 AM

Pizza near Boston University?

What is a good, non-chain pizza restaurant near Boston University (580 Commonwealth)?

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  1. Ugh, good luck. Your best bet is T. Anthony's on the corner of Harvard and Babcock near BU West, but even that is just decent. However,

    Sicilias: horrible
    Unviersity Grill: even worse
    Boston House of Pizza: low end greek style
    Amalfi Oven in the GSU: elio's quality.

    I say T Anthony's. Bertucci's in Kenmore Square is not bad, and is a sit down chain joint.

    1. T. Anthony's is very good. If you don't mind a fairly long walk, Bostone Pizza on Newbury Street has one of the best slices I've had in the Boston area.

      1. T. Anthony. Buy three pizzas on three different days and you're bound to get one excellent one. It helps to ask for well-done.

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          I've only had the slices at T. Anthony, but I've had a similar experience. When it's good, it's some of my favorite, but the last 2 times I went it was only okay.

        2. If you're willing to walk up to the corner of Comm Ave & Harvard Ave, Inbound Pizza is surprisingly good. Excellent subs, too.

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            I heartily agree. I especially like the spinach, feta and mozz they do...Great size slices.

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              I was totally surprised by how good this place was, too! From the outside, looks like another blah Greek pizzeria.

              1. re: Prav

                Yes, guilty pleasure. The spinach and feta was fascinating, because even tho they were Greek ingredients, it was a bona fide Neapolitan crust....

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                If Allstonian and I get a pizza in the nabe, we get it from Inbound. Occasionally we'll give T. Anthony another try, but every time, we remember that no matter how much we want T. Anthony to be great (because it really looks like it SHOULD be great), it just isn't. It's the frickin' raw vegetables. If they would just roast the veg a bit before they put them on the pizzas, they wouldn't make the pizzas sopping wet by the time they come out of the oven!

              3. So I'm from New Jersey originally and have had my share of GREAT pizza and i have to say probably the only place that close to BU thats good is T. Anthony's. I also think that the pizza at Bertucci's is pretty good, but its different then T's.