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Nov 14, 2007 07:58 AM

Good eats around LAX/South Bay???

Ok, I'm stuck in this area. I'm willing to venture about 10 or 15 minutes north or south, but that's it. What's worth checking out for dinner? I have family in town and, for reasons that are irrelevant to this post, we have to stay in that general area. Please no recs in OC or SFV or SGV etc....Thanks!

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  1. If you like Thai food try AYARA Thai Cuisine we started going there when it opened 2 years ago and now go several times a week. Its become a very popular restaurant for locals. Everything is wonderful I particularly like the Drunken Noodles and When Tigers Cry. Reasonabley priced and the space is well designed, as well.
    6245 W 87th st. Westchester just behind Sepulveda and Manchester on the way to the Airport

    1. I had the same dilema few months back, someone recommended Truxtons and it worked out. The ambience is very Westchester but the food I have to say was pretty good.
      Also if your looking for a killer BBQ (pick up only) try Bad to Da Bone - truly delicious
      4565 W Century Blvd, Inglewood

      1. Alejo's on Lincoln for Italian

        Second City Bistro in El Segundo

        Chef Hannes is a great bistro in El Segundo

        Aliki's Greek Taverna

        Casa Gamimo


        Tlapazola Grill

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          imho, i would nix alejo's unless you like the flavor of chopped raw garlic soaked in cheap oil.
          their pasta is the cheapest institutional brand and it's overcooked.
          their sauces are almost mediocre.

        2. Not a lot of noteworthy places.

          Pann's - coffee house, best item is chicken wings & waffles. Can't vouch for anything else. Lots of posts on chowhound.

          Truxton's ok if you want american food.

          15 minutes maybe w/o traffic - China Grill bistro at Manhattan Village is not traditional chinese, but the food is fresh and the decor is nice.

          Also at Manhattan Village there's a french-med place called Reed's. I haven't been there in about a year but I thought the food was decent (not worth a long drive but if you are in the area it's worth checking into)

          There is a huge Whole Foods now at El Segundo Plaza (Sepulveda & Rosecrans). It's kind of interesting to check out for foodies. There's also a Sur La Table in the same plaza, along with 2 chain restaurants (Salt Creek and Marmalade Cafe).

          Downtown El Segundo has the restaurant row, but nothing really remarkable.

          Went to 2nd city bistro a few years back for a company holiday lunch. I just remember that the place was loud - couldn't talk.

          Unfortunately a lot of the restaurants in the area tend to be chains.

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            The Original Rinaldi's in El Segundo has good eats! Check it out!

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                Sorry! Went to Rinaldi's for lunch for the first time the other day. Didn't note their hours. I don't mind eating sandwiches for dinner though.

          2. I had a nice dinner at Bora Bora on Highland near Rosecrans a few weeks ago. My filet was tasty, but the mac and cheese wasn't very good. It was not crowded at all and very quiet. Pancho's is in the area too, but I can't vouch for the food, it's been ages since I've been. My Mexican restaurant of choice is Paco's. Heading the other direction on Rosecrans are more of the chains, like McCormick and Schmick's, Flemings, Il Fornaio, Houston's, Daily Grill, etc.

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              Penguini Caffe in Playa serves excellent Italian in a very nice (check out the patio) spot. Great for out of town visitors.
              Hop on the 90 and check out Antica for Neopolitan pizza and more Italian food. Love the eggplant parmesan and the salds.
              On Washington near Lincoln is 26 Beach. Excellent Burgers and a huge eclectic menu. Good for weekend lunches/brunches.
              Across the street is Akbar-upscale Indian with a charming host and good wine list. I take people here who do not like Indian food and they enjoy it. It's pricey, I prefer to go to Addi's in Redondo.

              I live in Hermosa and eat out a lot and IMO there is much more interesting food to be had if you look beyond the chains that are along the main drags.

              If you want recommendations for the Beach Cities, let me know.

              Depending where you are exactly-Culver City, MDR, South Beaches can be within 10-15 mins driving radius.