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Nov 14, 2007 07:20 AM

Dahaba or Bombay Place for Downtown Indian??

If you can help me out on the quality and the portions and service between the two.

Thank you

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  1. Bombay Palace is a very average Indian restaurant while Dhaba is considered one of the better in town. No contest.

    1. I have not been to Bombay Place, but I have been to Dhaba recently and I would not recommend. I think they are trying to portray themselves as fine dining Indian food and they just don't cut it. The service was awkward and slow. The sauces were homogenous (but adequate) and both the chicken and paneer were dry. If it was a cheaper, I might put up with some of these things, but for what they charge and the 'tude that was displayed, there food should be far better. I would not return.
      I had a fabulous meal at Tabla a month or so ago, but it's not downtown.

      1. Bombay Palace was the worst Indian place I've ever been in - the buffet was stale, cheap....just horrible. The carpet was filthy - I always have a BAD feeling about places where you can actually see the dirt.
        Dhaba was a let down. I'd hit Little India or Trimurti, both on Queen West.

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          I like Kama which is across the street from Dhaba.

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            When we went to see Mama Mia we had dinner at Kama and I was quite disappointed - bland Indian food. Maybe they've changed now but I am not interested in trying again.

        2. little India on Queen, fantastic!
          Kama is terrible, but always our go to restaurant for the symphony, nothing like a full belly to enjoy the music.

          1. We were just at Dhaba last night - the food was excellent, although the menu has changed substantially since the restaurant was made over. My wife's assessment was that it was trying to cater to a more meat-and-potatoes crowd, although there was still plenty of vegetarian fare to choose from.

            The service was a bit wobbly at first, but improved as the evening wore on.

            I do agree with the poster who cited the sameness of some of the sauces. But that's easily avoided.

            We also special-ordered a drink that wasn't on the regular bar menu, but appeared as part of a prix-fixe deal - fresh mango juice with a shot of Islay single malt scotch. Worth the price of admission alone.

            Bombay Palace? Meh. At best.