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Nov 14, 2007 07:11 AM

Private Room or Dining Area for 16

I am looking to hold a dinner for 16 people. I am looking to spend $100-$125 a head total. We like to drink and eat. There is on vegetarian in the group as well. Two options I have so far are Crispo and Indochine. I hear Crispo is really good but what is the atmosphere like? Any other recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. I just love Tocqueville. They have a private dining room upstairs overlooking the restaurant. The food is wonderful and they take such good care of their customers.

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    1. re: samiam123

      thanks. i actually put a request into them already, but haven't heard back yet. any others?

      1. re: fein

        I'm sure there are plenty more that I will think of, but two that immediately jump to mind are the Harrison and Puttenesca.

        1. re: Hungry Esquire

          i looked at the harrison a few days ago, it was too pricey. i have been to a few of the sister restaurants to puttanesca. my group went to sette a few weeks back, it was a good meal. we are looking to step it up a little for this dinner but not go crazy. i think the problem is finding something within budget. everything is just a little below or above what i am looking for. thanks for the ideas though.

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      1. This may be too pricey but I was at The Modern for a private dinner and it was exquisite and just plain amazing!

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