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Nov 14, 2007 06:47 AM

Good bakery/pastry shop in San Antonio?

I'm spending San Antonio with my in-laws at Xmas and wanted to buy a cake for Xmas dinner. Can anyone suggest a really good bakery?

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  1. The Guenter Hotel on Houston Street has a good bakery.

    1. Central Market makes very scrumptious cakes. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It'd suggest calling ahead to place your order, because the pie case tends to get raided early in the days leading up to the big US holidays. You can follow this link to the main site , but unfortunately, no pictures. Just ask the bakery for a quick rundown of the cakes, and tell 'em how many people will be at the feast.

      1. Try The Cake Shop. There's one at I-10 and Wurzbach and one at Stone Oak and Huebner.

        1. Going to definitely second the Central Market recommendation. First rate cakes, pies, and service on top of it all. Not a big fan of the Gunter bakery mentioned above. Happy cake hunting.


          1. I don't know how their regular cakes are but I love the coffe cakes/pies from Nadler's on Blanco just south of 1604. The orginal Nadler's is on babcock just north of 410. The cake I had was called german coffee cake I think but it was really just a awesome apple pie/cake with rasins and cinnamon. It had a lattice top and tasted like a dense pie with out the tin, so the crust was a little thicker. I've heard mixed reveiws about their other stuff and the petit fors are not very good but this cake would be great for christmas.