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Nov 14, 2007 06:46 AM

Betel nut information

There was an article that I read that Health Canada had banned the import of something called betel nuts a while ago due to its "narcotic effects". Either way, I only became more interested as more bizarre stories about of them sporuted up. So, would anyone a good place where I could obtain any? I have no idea what they look like, for that matter.

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  1. My taiwanese friends have obtained some from Taiwanese-owned bubble tea shops. I believe Teashop 168 MIGHT carry them. You'll have to ask around.

    Coming from the land of betel nut, I tried it one summer when I was back visiting, it was absolutely disgusting, lol~ After chewing for the first few minutes, this red liquid will form and you will need to spit it out (that's why there are "blood stains" everywhere in Taiwan). After expelling the red concoction, the betel nut will taste slightly better (a hint of sweetness), but it can still leave a nasty taste after. You'll be wired for sure after chewing one. A lot of truckers chew betel nuts to stay away when they're driving overnight.

    ps. chewing a betel nut will not help you impress a girl

    1. You might also want to try the paan shops in little India along Gerrard. Some types of paan (betel leaf) are filled with betel nut.

      1. As the previous poster pointed out, any of the paan shops (not to be confused with pawn shops, lol) on Gerrard just west of Coxwell will hook you up.

        1. If you do get Paan in Little India and want to make sure there is betal nut inside, be sure to ask for "sopari". That is the Indian word for it, and I have spelled it phonetically for you. It will be put in the paan in small slivers. You can also go to any of the small grocery shops and buy a packet of betal nuts. they are round and brown and white. Again, ask for Sopari.

          1. Hey, thanks for the pointers everyone. I had a feeling that a product like would be rare, but I'll check these places out for the time being!