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Nov 14, 2007 06:32 AM

Healthy Holiday Baked Goods

I know there have been lots of threads on good to give at Christmas, but I didn't find many healthy recipes and am not having much luck on my recipe websites.

I have a large family and am saving up this year for some big things and cannot spend what I normally spend on some of my further out family. I love the Martha Stewart baking book, and her sugar cookies, but I have many relatives who are watching their weight so I wondered if anyone had some healthy suggestions for those people or any recipe, cookbooks or website threads that would be helpful for this?

I have read you can put some fiber in stuff now to counteract some of the butter what are peoples' thoughts on that?

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  1. I recently made this nice Banana Molasses Oat Bread from recipezaar...I upped the ww flour to 3/4 cup for more fiber and decreased the AP flour to 3/4 cup. I brought it to work and everyone really loved it; a co-worker asked me to make it for his birthday, too, which I was so happy to do:


    1. For whole grain baking, I like King Arthur Whole Grain Baking and One Smart Cookie (lower fat cookies of all types) by Julie Van Rosendaal, also her Grazing cookbook for other snack type things (another low fat cookbook). Here's a sample cookie recipe from Julie's site: http://www.onesmartcookie.ca/index.ph...
      Here are some recipes for baking with whole grains from the King Arthur site:

      1. no easy feat!
        My Recipe has some Cooking Light cookie recipes including this one for Biscotti which uses very little fat or sugar. Leaving out the chocolate, you could change the flavorings and add-ins for variety.

        Package in clear cello bags with a pretty tag and you are good to go.

        1. Meringue cookies are cute and diet-friendly. Maybe some peppermint meringues for a festive flair?

          1. I make a healthy Toll House cookie with 50/50 whole wheat/unbleached flour, organic sugars and butter and eggs, dark chocolate, pecans, etc. They are chewy and "nutty" and people don't recognize them as Toll House!

            My thoughts on this are that when I am trying to lose weight, I limit myself to a few very high-quality sweets--I never cut chocolate out altogether--and I certainly don't turn up my nose at real Christmas baking. I would recommend making small but excellent cookies that are oh-so-worth-it :)

            Many German cookie recipes call for store-bought wafers. These have very few calories. You could dip them in chocolate & decorate ...