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Nov 14, 2007 06:25 AM

Anniversary dinner -- AOC Bedford or August?

Have never been to either, so I'm looking for some opinions on the best choice for an anniversary dinner next week. "Romantic" a subjective thing, so perspectives regarding the intimacy of each would be appreciated: tightness of quarters, volume levels, etc. And the food, of course. My idea of true romance is the suckling pig for two at AOC, but.... ;-) Is one restaurant's overall experience more "special" than the other?

Note: I have tables reserved at both Prune and Market Table as well, but have eliminated them from the running because I feel they would be, respectively, too cramped and too casual for the occasion.

Thanks very much for any help and all opinions!

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  1. I would choose August over AOC Bedford. AOC probably has more of a traditionally "romantic" ambience than August, but I was not very impressed by the food, especially for the price. Both are fairly rustic in appearance, but August is a little more laid back, which I think gives it a more casual feel. The food at August is outstanding, which I think is more important than how nice the room is.

    If you're really looking for something romantic feeling that also has good food in that area, I would suggest looking in Mas (Farmhouse), also on Bedford.