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Nov 14, 2007 06:25 AM

IHT journalist's Shanghai xiaolong bao quest.

The International Herald Tribune has a nice, perceptive article about xiao long bao and its aficionados, including a nod to "the notoriously fussy eaters at the U.S. website". Its travel writer, Daisann McLane, has obviously paid attention to the discussions on this forum, and though I don't agree that Din Tai Fung's XLB are more worthy than those of Jia Jia Tang Bao (which seems to have lost points for no longer being an out-of-the-way funky dive, I found it to be overall a fair and intelligent review of some of the options. She even called out a place new to me (Fu De, in Hongkou) which I've put on my list for my next trip to Shanghai.

Hey, Daisann, come out of the closet and jump into the XLB debate here!

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  1. The only XLB that I have had that were better then DTF's was at Victoria Harbour Seafood in Hong Kong. DTF wins the Shanghai arguement for me. (note: I only get the crab xlb)

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    1. re: s0memale

      I agree the best XLB is in Hong Kong, There is no particular favorite one but I had tried many better XLB as compared to Shanghai and Singapore.
      Victoria Harbour was one of my favorite restaurant but on my last visit 1 year ago, i thought the quality had deteriorated. And then my friend told me that the owner had sold it to another group.

      1. re: FourSeasons

        Want to recommend to Singapore-based readers as I just tried an excellent Xiao Long Bao today at the Li Bai at Sheraton Tower in Singapore. It is hairy crab season, and a friend treated me with hairy crab menu that includes one very delicious crab roe Xiao Long Bao. The restaurant serves excellent Cantonese cuisine as well.