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Nov 14, 2007 06:16 AM

Office Holiday Party in DC for 65

I'm looking for locations in DC where we can hold a lunch time office holiday party. We need a place that can comfortably hold 65 people all together in one room that ideally fits into a nonprofit budget. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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  1. Not entirely sure if this fits into the non-profit budget but Acadiana has private rooms in the back that are very nice and I believe they can fit 65 people.

    Also I bet you can fit that many people in the upstairs area at Mark and Orlandos. I know they rent out the top floor for parties.

    There is a back/side room area at Old Siam (thai food) in Eastern Market that probably would fit that many. The food is good and cheap, my office (also a non-profit) often time will hold birthday or going away parties there. They also can cater to any vegatarian or vegan officemates you may have.

    I would call and get the info from these places ASAP though since I imagine they book up super quickly.

    1. Open Table ( is a great resource for planning events like this. You can do a search of their database based on date, price and special features (like private rooms). It has saved me a number of times!

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          1. Try Ashton, www dot ashtonjs dot com. It's a high end apartment building, but has a beautiful clubroom area with fully equipped catering kitchen that I'm sure many of these restaurants on this site can use when catering your event. I have a contact at Ashton if you'd like to stop by and see the space. I don't think there is a charge for the room/area as the management team there is more interested in gaining exposure with those in the local community vs. making money on their clubroom. The building is right there in Penn Quarter within walking distance to Verizon Center and Metro. A little out of the box, but hopefully this helps?!