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Nov 14, 2007 05:54 AM

Sol d'Espna , other Rockville opinions wanted

Any opinions on Sol? Any dishes recommended/not?
Other restaurants in Rockville that are better?i.e., I suspect Il Pizzico is.
Or in new Rockville center?

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  1. Sol d"Espana is not bad, but not the best Spanish restaurant around. We've eaten there several times but find Andlacuia (sp) to better. Dishs to try if you go, the fried sardines (or the anchovies if that is what is offered that day) are quite good. If they have it, the Rape Catalana, monk fish, mussels, and shrimp in a fresh tomato, saffron, garlic and brandy sauce is very good. Personally, I think their strengths are the appetizers and the desserts.

    Il Pizzico on the other hand, is excellent,and I'd go there instead every time. I have not been impressed with the restaurants in the new Rockville center, but then they are mostly chains of decent places but nothing special. However, if Taste of Saigon has finally moved in, I'd recommend it based on their old restaurant just up the road.

    Other places to try in Rockville are Bombay Bistro for quite good Indian food, Urban BBQ for what else, BBQ, and Hinode or Nowana Hana for sushi. You should also try Joe's Noodle House for Chinese.

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      I disagree as to Sol d'Espana vs Andalucia. I been a customer of both for many years. IMHO the food and service at Sol d'Espana is much, MUCH better than Andalucia's. This particularly applies to Sol d'Espana seafood dishes - they sing. Andulucia's kitchen output comes across as rather crude compared to Sol d'Espana.

      As to your other Rockville restaurant comments you are spot on. I would just add Bob's Noodle (Tiawanese) to your list.

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        I prefer Bob's Shabu Shabu to Noodle House. Not just for the Shabu, but the cooked foods at SS are more subtle and lighter than at 66.

        Last couple of meals at Joe's have been pretty spectacular. Had some tea tree mushrooms with house made bacon and the shrimp with eggs, 2 mild dishes that really hit the spot in my last two visits.

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          You might be right, since I haven't been eating at either in the last 6 months or so. But to each their own. My last meal at Sol d'Espana was disappointing, as indicated by the fact that the best part of the meal was a rather ordinary bottle of wine that was inexpensive for MoCo. Of course, I must admit I've never had any problem with the service at Andalucia, but then I tend to go on nights when they are not overly crowded and when I'm not in a hurry so leasurly service doesn't bother me.

      2. I've been to Sol de EspaƱa a couple times and found it only okay. Their gazpacho was really the best thing I had there... and although I prefer it more chunky, they did use the condimento method which was great. The cuisine seems authentic enough (the smells from the kitchen took me back to Madrid pretty quickly), but I didn't leave raving about the food.

        Next door is a great Vietnamese place called Ba Le... and up the street is Sam Woo, a Korean place (with sushi). Both of them are excellent, and I heartily recommend them.

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          adding some local links

          Il Pizzico
          15209 Frederick Rd Ste 2, Rockville, MD 20850

          Sol De Espana
          838 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

          Bob's 88 Shabu Shabu
          316 N Washington St, Rockville, MD

        2. OK, so I tried it. We ordered the whole fried sardines (very good), a fish dish (OK), the dish recommended by Dinwiddie (good), dessert (OK), and glasses of wine ($7.50). I found all but the apps a bit underseasoned but the ingredients were tasty and fresh. The ambience was friendly and authentic (the regulars are Spanish and the chef stops to chat), and the meal was fairly priced. Certainly not as good as Il Pizzico, but I would recommend it, especially if you want real Spanish at a quite moderate price.