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Nov 14, 2007 05:48 AM

Casual, affordable birthday dinner near Pease

Looking for some place both casual and affordable for a birthday dinner this Saturday. Party of six from all over. Was hoping to go to Black Trumpet but sounds like the crowd is looking for something more relaxed and affordable. Looking for a rec other than Jumpin' Jays, Muddy River, Green Monkey, Gaslight, and the Portsmouth Brewery. Thanks!

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  1. There is the new place directly across the street from the Green Monkey(used to be Latitude 47), name escapes me at the moment - something like brazo? It's sort of a southwestern meets Cuban cuisine. It's operated by the same folks that operate the Green Monkey. I've eaten there once, the food was very good. The butter clams were excellent, so good we tried to duplicate them at home the next night. I would put it in same category as Jumpin' Jay's for price.

    There was a birthday party going on the evening we were there. A sizable group of deaf people. Not making fun of the deaf, but we decided that if your going to go out for an evening and there happens to a large group having a party at the place you go - you want them to be deaf. They took up most of the bar, but signed vs talk loud/laugh loud etc... Kinda weird, but kinda nice too.

    If you want very relaxed, try Paddy's on Pease. The food at Paddy's isn't near the league of Jumpin Jay's, but probably similar quality to Muddy River.

    You could also try Anneka Jan's in Kittery, just over the State Street bridge from Portsmouth, take a right at the stop sign - about 2 blocks down on the corner.

    1. On the Pease grounds, is the Redhook Brewery. I love it for a sandwich, clam chowder and great beer.

      Other places on the affordable side might be Rudys, Stockpot, Isis, and the Gaslight. All pretty good, not Black Trumpet level, but failry relaxed and varied in cuisine and price. All in downtown Portsmouth.

      1. The Rosa is casual, affordable and good.